DRAFT Patriots OFFICIAL Draft Day thread - Night 1

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Needed to take a walk after that hot garbage. Stupid coach. Just waiting for the announcement that Robert Kraft bought the Buccaneers so he can leave us too


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If the goal is to try and trade into Round 1 next year, the ammunition is there ... but I still think/hope it translates to 2 in Round 2 tomorrow night.


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Aiyuk trade was cool. They traded 117 and 176, but 117 is the pick they got from Tampa for moving back 1 spot earlier, and I’m sure they still got the guy they wanted back then. So it’s sort of like they got to move up several spots in the first just for 176.


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I love Aiyuk and see some C-Pat in him but I wouldn't take him round 1. That said he's a great fit for that offense. And Shanahan will definitely get the most outta him one would think.

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49ers are going to be wild. No wonder they decided that they didn't need to upgrade to Brady.


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We are going to be so bad next year. 8-8 is an optimistic prediction. No Brady, no van noy or Collins. No reliable weapons on offense for stidham to throw to even if he is decent. Football won't be fun anymore:(

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We were paid a 3rd to move back 13 spots.

Niners were paid a 4th to move back 1 slot.
completely different situation. Blue chip prospect available in Wirfs. I’m sure TB was not the only team inquiring about moving up and they really didn’t want to get leaped and miss out on a big need.


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People should be happy.

Rounds 2-4 is where it's at.

We now have an early 2nd. Can keep 71 and easily trade 2 of the other 3 to get back into the 2nd.

No surprise here.
Hard to be happy when you really have no idea what you are watching other than that's a shiney toy because Mel Kiper said so...

Lots of potential. Especially move all around the board the rest of the way. I would of preferred a move into next year but this is going to be interesting to watch.

However this is a main reason why I hate this draft format.


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Still think it’s a bad move. So many great players available from 23-30, and Pats won’t have a shot at them. Dumb move as usual, but very predictable. Drafts aren’t Belichick’s forte, very average.
Oh thank goodness there's a Chicken Little around to give us doom and gloom before we've even made a pick! Just like a gameday thread. You're going to be so happy this year without Brady, all your predictions that have been wrong for so long will finally be right!


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I hope Stidham is everything BB is thinking. Its going to be a long year otherwise.

On a better note, BB seems to be lightyears better at evaluating QB talent than WR lately. He has 3 starters in the league right now all playing good


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I'm loving nbc sports Boston Pats draft coverage... absolutely nothing, they're showing "Sneaker Shopping" with Kemba Walker...you'd maybe they'd have Curran, Perry etc on to analyze the draft/trade/talk about players available...
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