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OT: Was Randy Moss better than Jerry “Sticky Fingers” Rice?

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Sep 12th

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Moss or Rice?

  • Moss

    Votes: 33 52.4%
  • Rice

    Votes: 30 47.6%

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Rice played longer and more versatile Moss was figured out eventually in his later years. Two Deep took him away he wasn't a short stuff guy. That said in his early years Moss revolutionized the position he made CB's literally crapped their pants.


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Moss played in an era when trans threw 500-600 times a year. Rice played in an era where they threw 400 times a game.
You can’t really compare per game passing/receiving numbers across those eras like they are apples to apples.

SF 1985 550 att
SF 1986 582 att
SF 1987 501 att (12 non scrub games)
SF 1988 502 att
SF 1989 483 att
SF 1990 583 att
SF 1991 522 att
SF 1992 480 att
SF 1993 524 att
SF 1994 511 att
SF 1995 644 att
SF 1996 550 att
SF 1997 432 att (Rice IR)
SF 1998 556 att
SF 1999 560 att
SF 2000 583 att
OAK 2001 553 att
OAK 2002 619 att
OAK 2003 521 att

Rice teams: 540 att/ yr

MN 1998 533 att
MN 1999 530 att
MN 2000 495 att
MN 2001 555 att
MN 2002 558 att
MN 2003 520 att
MN 2004 552 att
OAK 2005 591 att
OAK 2006 483 att (Randy hurt)
NE 2007 586 att
NE 2008 534 att
NE 2009 592 att

Moss teams 544 att/yr

There were certainly more att per game for the teams Moss played on but not a ton more as you theorize.
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Tony2046 Supporter Supporter
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Rice is a sticky handed dink. Without stickum his TD totals would have been in the 90-100 vicinity.

Rice started the whole TO "bad teammate" saga when TO stole his WR1 position in SF. He was butthurt that TO was a better receiver and that the team shipped his ass out of town because of it. It must have hurt his feelings knowing that it was true. Moss was always the WR1.

Rice's mother once said, "this will end badly" and it did. Rice has gone from an NFL icon to an admitted cheat talking about the size of his johnson on the howard stern show. He has continually refuted any claims that either TO or Moss were the better true receivers and despite being one of the best TD scorers of his era he still gets enormously butthurt that people still compare either to him.

Randy's highlight reel dwarfs anything Mr. Juiced up Sticky Rice could ever put together.

Plain and simple, Rice was a system WR who cheated his way to the top.

My vote is for Moss. All day and everyday. No question.

BaconGrundleCandy Supporter Supporter
Who said he wasn’t? Brady said he’s the smartest player he’s ever played with, that goes under the radar. Picked up our playbook easily.
Many, including some on here need to watch these videos. Again I have a feeling most only saw Randy when he played here. I honestly think most fans don't watch other teams play & have no clue how great he was in all areas.

And again if he had Jerry's QB'S he'd blow Rice's stats out the water in less than 15 years.

Would love to know what you disagree with?

Randy had 156 TDs playing w bad QB's for most of his career. He had 50 w Brady and help elevate his play. Safe to say he has well over 200 in under 15 years if he played w Brady, Favre etc

And as for fans only watching their team, it's more than obvious most only watch their fav team.
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Moss at his best was the greatest weapon ive seen, but rice had the longevity that definitely counts for something. Edge goes to rice overall.


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One thing to note is that I think very few of us, in a vacuum, care about Rice using Stick-em.

It was just his sanctimonious whining about Brady (unfounded) that preceded the revelation that Rice himself broke the rules that reveals him to be a hypocrite.

So now it’s funny! Bring on all the sticky jokes you got.


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Fantasy universe, imagine Brady with a Prime Jerry Rice and Prime Randy Moss and Prime Calvin Johnson on the same team along with Gronk And Edleman

Tom Brady
Jerry Rice
Randy Moss
Calvin Johnson
Julian Edleman
Rob Gronkowski

I like how Edelman’s included in this :D


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I like moss but rice is the greatest wr to ever play the game even with the stick em gloves. People will say if moss had a better QB but moss faded after he was 32 to 33 years old. Rice had over 1000 at age 39 and 40.

BaconGrundleCandy Supporter Supporter
I like moss but rice is the greatest wr to ever play the game even with the stick em gloves. People will say if moss had a better QB but moss faded after he was 32 to 33 years old. Rice had over 1000 at age 39 and 40.
It was always mental w Randy. Still look what he accomplished w those QB's in basically 12 years.

50 TDs w Brady in 3 years. He would have has multiple 20+ TD seasons if he played w competent QB's for the majority of his career.

Made every QB better & also a common piece in some of the most dangerous offenses in history.

Jerry Rice wasn't doing **** w Marcus Tuiasosopo, Aaron Brooks or Andrew Walter throwing him the ball.


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Rice. I know the '87 strike and its effect on teams may have benefited him, but those 22 TDs in 12 games was amazing. His '86 breakout season was like Gronk's sophomore season...a true "holy poop, this guy is special" performance. He kept it going until he was 40. In the middle of it all, he put up 3 TDs in the Super Bowl...twice, and his best performance might have been the Bengals one.

He might be the best in history at setting up CBs. He could pull an Edelman and tear you up short all game, then blow by you once you started cheating up.



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Personally I’m taking Moss. Mainly due to not seeing an awful lot of Rice but Moss routinely best double teams. Just look at what he did to a prime Revis...

Tony2046 Supporter Supporter
2019 Weekly Picks Winner
Rice couldn't play in the salary cap era. He'd be a system WR without the vaunted defense and two HOF QB's to carry his ass.

Schticky hands = Fivehead.

I rest my case.

Patjew Supporter Supporter
Reading that some posters never saw Rice play makes me feel ooolllllllldddd.

Tony2046 Supporter Supporter
2019 Weekly Picks Winner
Reading that some posters never saw Rice play makes me feel ooolllllllldddd.

I saw him play. He inspired me to eat Syrup covered Eggos barehanded prior to every sandlot nerf football game I played back in the day. I once caught a pass with a single finger. If only I had a little more speed. I'd be in the nerf football HOF.


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From a physical, God given talent standpoint, Moss was more gifted than Rice. But he wasn’t a better all around receiver than Rice was.
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