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OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

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Dec 12th
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I get your point, but I'd say the comparison is Patriots v. Bears a/k/a Jones v. Fields. And I absolutely understand why the 49ers would want to keep JAG around. What makes it odd to me is the reporting that they actually were willing to trade him to the Patriots, and that contract issues between JAG and the Patriots were the death of any deal.
It will be interesting who does the best of the 5 QB. A lot of it will be coaching and putting the player in the best position to succeed. Those QB that start right away often gets damaged as it is too soon. So hopefully Mac Jones gets to sit for at least part of the year. We'll have a definite answer within 3 years.

I don't even look at Trask as a potential starter but career backup. I saw his highlights and wasn't impressed.


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Peyton Manning levels of ballwashing hereView attachment 32748
The Chiefs only play division rivals twice in a regular season. So unless I'm reading it wrong they're talking up the fact that Derek Carr, Drew Lock and Rivers/Herbert have never beaten Mahomes and the Chiefs twice in a regular season.

I guess that's good or something.


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The graphic has a credit to Nick Wright on it which should let you know how ridiculously ill-informed the stat is. The poster who posted it was no doubt in agreement and probably shouted with glee when he saw it.

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They've got a lot of front line talent. Depth, chemistry, and belief are going to be the questions.
I decided to revisit one of the best threads evah. It should be fun seeing the posts now and what some of the predictions were back then.

They ended up with enough depth and the chemistry/belief combo were taken care of by Brady. Check.

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Oh trust me, I know. I'm just hoping the thread doesn't get closed because it devolves into garbage because people can't just be cool. I hope they just stay out of the clearly titled thread altogether. *wishfully thinking*
You did great young man.

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Just speaking for myself, maybe others disagree (though I doubt it) but I don't personally have an issue with one thread centered on the Tampa goings-on. It may be for the best since talk about what they're doing is inevitable and would otherwise be scattered across other threads leading to likely bickering. At least this way things are centralized and we can "focus on players currently on our football team" (as Bill would say) in all other threads.

Personally, I'll definitely be keeping tabs on them... I won't be following closely, and I doubt I'll watch many games because I just have this suspicion it will feel kind of gross (like watching two of your exes on dates with other guys from afar or something), but will certainly check highlights and major stories. No ill will toward those guys, or any of you guys who might be excited to keep watching Brady & Gronk. Just as long as you also maintain an active Patriots fandom as well ;)

This is where I am but on the pro-Brady side. Aren't we all Pats fans here?

My only difference now, a year and a half later, is that the Gronk attraction isn't as strong as it was then. I felt like he took shots at the Pats after he left.
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