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I watched all 28 minutes last night....AND I was in Houston for that one....

Can't ever get old......not a day since then where do I have a day where I just shake my head and tell myself, "28-3, man....."

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My wife and I were watching the game at the Cask in Fenway. When we went down 21-3 we seemed to be the only ones who gave a ****. Everyone else in their mint jerseys were still laughing and drinking and having a good time. Not to be an old fart who hates fun but I absolutely could not bear to watch the game with people who didn't feel the anxiety I did. Basically a bar full of casual fans--and good for them! Who the hell am I to tell people how to enjoy a game?

So at halftime we took the T back to my apartment and watched history from the quiet of our tiny living room. It was awesome


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Guess you aren't old enough to have watched SB20:

No one expected us to win. The score was 23-3 at the half and it seemed far worse than that at the time, we were getting our butts kicked. It ended up 46-10. My GF of the time decided I needed some stress relief. It worked. Let's just say I parted the uprights more times than than the Patriots did that day!

Old enough to have watched it, but wasn't much of a sports fan until 1990 or so (something clicked for me then, not sure what). Glad your night wasn't totally ruined ;)

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Not a big drinker during Pats games or SBs as I want to watch and absorb them in a sober state.

I also don't eat a lot of sweets either. Cakes, candy, etc. Potato chips are my addiction....and we were out.

I'm not a nervous eater really but that game I had a problem....

When it went to 21-3 and I was starting to slip into an extremely concerned state. I didn't want any booze so I had a cream-filled chocolate cupcake with raspberry frosting my daughter made. It had a plastic "Patriots" thing on it. They were cute....and very good.

At 28-3 I had another.

At 28-9 and the missed XP I had another.

28-16- Yep....Another.

I took a break for a while but had one after the White TD to make it 28-28.

5 cupcakes during the 2nd 1/2.

That has to be some kind of Man v Food record?
I generally don't drink during playoff games unless things are going very very well. When it went to 28-3, we poured the bourbon. "Something has to change!" My daughter texted me from Florida with my own words: A lot of football left, Dad.

They kicked the field goal to go down by 8 and I slid off my chair and sat on the floor. The expression on my face must have changed, because my wife noticed and asked what I was doing. Coaching, I said. "They ain't done. They have to be perfect from here, but they ain't done." I had no idea how right I was.

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