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I was glad to see in this thread based on likes that most people do not want Cam or James.

I side with Skip Bayless if BB uses a nickname then Stid is ready to lead this team.

I would be curious to see a poll what percent here are willing to roll the dice with JS4.

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It isn't difficult to structure a contract that gives us 2020 cap help
2020 salary $1M
bonus $35M
would give us a 2020 cap hit of $8M, a $7M savings over our current situation.

The open question is what Thuney and the patriots can agree to for the rest of the contract.

For example
2021 $4M
2022 $8M
2023 $10M
2024 $12M

I think that this might be reasonable, but would Belichick be willing to pay $14AAV?
on first glance, MY thought would be to have the $12MM hit in 2021 and the $4M hit in 2024. Same bonus just different years. Have the highest cap consequence hit in the year we have the most room, and the lowest hit when we are likely starting to see another cycle of cap tightness.

The numbers are what they will be, but I think it would be smart to structure the deal so that we get cap relief this season, and take the highest cap hit in the year we have the most cap room, especially given how rare having a LOT of cap space happens with us

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Some thoughts.

1. I think an extension for Thuney can be worked out that would recognized the Pats cap situation. I've read where the Pats will have close to 100MM in cap space in 2021. So why not work out an extension that would be structured that would give the Pats some relief this year, which would be balanced by an up tick in his cap # in year two when the Pats can afford that up tick. Then in the final 3 years of the contract a more balanced payment would come into effect.

With the return of Andrews, an offensive line of Wynn, Thuney, Andrews, and Cannon COULD be one of the better groups in the league with the likes of Frodtholt, Cajuste, Newhouse providing realistic competitive depth. And that's BEFORE the draft

A good OL mitigates a lot of deficiencies that don't show up in individual stats by most fans and the media. The other advantage would be that this OL have had a LOT of experience playing with one another. In a upcoming season where they looks to be a lot of disruptions, having that continuity is a plus.

2. I'm NOT signing Winston or Cam for all the reasons that have been stated by many on this board. I have a feeling that BOTH will become cheaper options as camps get close to opening again (probably in August). I don't know but the lack of ANY talk about Newton going somewhere to this point makes me wonder if his arm problem still exist.

3. For all the talk of looking for value in the QB market, no one is mentioning an obvious name. Josh Rosen. Miami will DEFINITELY be picking a first round QB this season to sit behind Fitzy for a month to a year. So Rosen will likely be cut, or traded for a low 7th and a bag of balls. Here is a kid who had consensus first round talent who has been as poorly used as any QB I can remember. He had different offenses AND coaches each year he was at UCLA. He had ANOTHER different one with Arizona, and yet ANOTHER with Miami.

To me there is no better QB value I can see for the Pats. Pick him up for a song (or nothing, because Miami will likely release him after the draft) and let him, Stidham, and Hoyer fight it out and may the best man win. With expectations at zero and a fair opportunity to compete, this might be just the place to revive a moribund career. Just a thought

4. Our defense has been gutted at LB and the DL. We have to replace Shelton, Van Noy, and Collins, and the draft seems like the best bet for that. For that reason, I believe our first 2 or 3 picks should go to help that area.

5. The other obvious need is at TE - Looking at the draft, there are no obvious solutions. There are a couple of developmental guys that have some late round interest, but nothing at the top seem like they would solve the problem as a 2 way TE.

So clearly the solution is to trade for one. OJ Howard has always been my favorite target. A good blocker who has been undeveloped as a receiver. I'd gladly give up a 7th and the rights to Gronk for him. I'd even give up one of our comp 3rds straight up.]

We are going to have to rely on a strong running game if we are to succeed this coming season. Howard would greatly upgrade that area of the OL. If he is on the market then we should do the deal.
Great post except for having Newhouse anywhere near the o-line.
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Great post except for pimping newhouse
Well Newhouse was a starter for most of the year for a 12-4 team. On an OL that was missing 2 starters for most of the year, he was OK. Certainly not the guy I want as a starter, but I think he'd be perfectly adequate as the #4 guy. You're not getting all pros that deep in your depth chart. In the end he's a capable NFL fill in guy. A role he wasn't playing last season
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