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Nov 1st

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Cam is so much better than I anticipated. Has the ability to push it down field and has nice zip. Normally I would say don't get cute on the last play, but everyone in the world knew that was the play. I was hoping he was going to pull up and dump it over the top.


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Disappointing result, but I wasn’t disappointed with the performance.

I still think we’re a talented receiver away from contending.
Need probably one good WR and some help at LB next year, obviously keep Cam, and they'll be in great shape.


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Just curious, what play call did you want them to call?

Anything but that. You now what that was? That was basically what everyone has complained about Seattle NOT doing in 49. Run against a front geeked up to stop the run. They were hot on their toes ready to blast up the middle. You just saw it pre snap.

So some kind of RPO or play action would have been much better. Someone, based off of play design would have been open. Thats what should have happened.

That Cam run was DOA the moment they broke the huddle.


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The one thing that really depresses me is that we are now looking up at the Bills. I know it's only game 2 but still that sucks !
They should a lot of heart today , Cam was very good, so was Jules and Byrd. Hopefully he and Harry can continue to improve every week !
D was a sore point today, Gilmore usually has one bad game a season so hopefully he had his and it's behind him going forward .
He wasn't spectacular last week.

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And if he got sacked, people would be complaining about that call. it's always easy to second guess after the play. When that play worked the first 8 times this season, nobody complained.
It’s because it’s a very niche formation you could only really run like 3 maybe 4 plays out of it so by this point in the game what haven’t they seen already? Kinda felt like they knew exactly what was coming


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Good news - The pats may have pre-injury top 5-10 QB Cam Newton. They got him for near vet min & no draft capital.

Bad news - The defense (& particularly Gilmore) is regressing.

Disgagree with the assessment of the defense. This is another example of not giving credit where it's due. Metcalf is a helluva player despite the baby pacifier mouth guard he wears. That TD was absolutely perfect. As was the one to Moore.

There were two "BAD" TDs. The one to Carson and the one to Swain. Though you really have to give Schottenheimer credit for confusing Phillips / Jones / Jackson by having Lockett lined up in the backfield and sending him at them. It will be interesting to hear from the Re-Watch crowd where the actual breakdown was. I think it was Phillips and that Jackson tried to pick it up, but was just too late to do so..


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Honestly, if Pete the poodle runs a simple off tackle on 3d and 1 after they absolutely GASHED this awful run defense Newton doesn't have the goaline failure...


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I suppose, but JE11 had the ball go through his hands on a sure score with 0:10 left on the clock.

Also Harry made big plays on the final drive, but will get very little credit on this board.

Harry is fine. Who knows if he ever takes the leap but he's fine.

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Today there was a post *****ing that Harry wasn't Micheal Irvin!

IMO it's fine that he's fine.


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Our offense showed a lot of heart. We all know Edelman competes like crazy, but to see Cam bringing that same level was great. Harry also looked dependable.

We know BB is going to fix our pass defense and we won't be seeing this same level of quarterbacking going forward other thana Mahomes and Lamar.

Optimistic about this season.