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What a game....It seems like whenever we play against Seattle it always goes down to the last play.....

Cam played really well tonight, I thought our receivers played well also as did our O-line protecting Cam. I'm a little disappointed with our running game, but I think we'll get better as the season goes on. Our defense had a tough time with their offense but the bottom line is they got the stop when they needed it at the end.

Let's discuss!!!!

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Definitely still something left in Cam. Gutsy performance by them to make a big comeback. Sucks to lose, but that was one heck of a near victory. Still proud of these guys.

P.S. I sure hope we dont lose Edelman, or look out.


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In the game that mattered the most, we stopped them on the goal line but the last 2 games played, they stopped us on the goal line. Unbelievable. Gronk couldn't catch the fade 4 years ago and now mcdouche calls a predictable play and it gets stuffed


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Obviously getting stopped at the goal line sucks, but the play that hurts the most to me is Jules not pulling in the game winner


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1. Cam is an elite passer. Has a laser arm for deep and medium passes. Open up the play book. Stop coaching Cam like he's Brissett.

2. Belichick was out with his mom's passing. The coaching preparation without Belichick, with McDaniels was weak and predictable. They were down big.

3. The defense had a tough night. Missed secondary assignments and LBs have some run defense issues

4. Russell Wilson is playing like a league MVP

5. The Goal line play they repeatedly called is terrible. Shift the TE then shift the RB. It failed like 0 for 4 times

6. Edelman is clutch. I worry for his health and durability.

7. Makes no sense to me why Asiasi isn't getting calls in the passing game.

8. I have to give Kudos to Harry for a couple catches at the end. Maybe one day he will average more than 9 yards a catch.



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Hopefully we’ll see less of the runs on 3rd and long. Can’t figure that one out.

Cam 397 yards passing. Wow

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Harry-Byrd-Edelman and Cam showed some heart. I wonder if we try that last run with 5 wide... let Cam use his strength vs fewer opponents.

The DBs, disappointing. I know Wilson is very, very good - but sheesh.

Back to Cam : more than one team is kicking themselves for not signing him.


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To bad goaline was so predictable... Why not roll out or some sort of play action... McDaniels is just so bad... Newton was really good


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The one thing that really depresses me is that we are now looking up at the Bills. I know it's only game 2 but still that sucks !
They should a lot of heart today , Cam was very good, so was Jules and Byrd. Hopefully he and Harry can continue to improve every week !
D was a sore point today, Gilmore usually has one bad game a season so hopefully he had his and it's behind him going forward .

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Great game. I don't even feel too bad about the loss. We competed well and will only get better.

However, that last play. Everyone knew Cam would run it. I would have preferred a rollout with a pass/run option. Oh well, Josh will learn from this.
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