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Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Titans

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1st place and six straight feels great!!! Who would have thought after the first few games we'd be here. Was it perfect, no, our rushing defense needs to improve, but we beat a 1st place team.

Nice to see Jonu have a good game, Bourne and Jackobi were good and of course JC, Mills and our d-backfield.

Who's not on this train yet? Big game next Monday night......

Let's discuss!!!!


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Run D was terrible... at least Tannehill has proven again why he's not a top tier QB when it depends on him. Offensively need to get better in the redzone. Lots of yards, but too many FGs.


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Great to see the defense clamp down and running game established in the second half. JC Jackson just keeps making himself more expensive.

It's been a while since we've seen one of those games that felt ugly but also ended as a blowout win. There were quite a few of those in the Brady era.


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Amazing ! And people said the Pats can’t win if they have to depend on Jones. Well all he does is 23-32 (71.9%) 310 yards, 2 TD passes and ZERO INTs. Also, all the haters who say all he does is dink and dunk, 9.7 yards per attempt.

I can’t believe they gave up 270 yards rushing and only gave up 13 points.

Jim Beankie

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After Houston, I said the next 7 games were winnable. Damn right they were. We should've beaten the Cowboys.



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What more can anyone ask for.....
We won
It was Snowing
Mac Jones looked good again, (except for a couple of passes)
Bourne looks like a great signing
And J Smith showed up

I think they're figuring out how to use Smith's skills in this offense. Looks at all his plays - get him on routes that allow him to catch and turn, then his athleticism can kick in.