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I live in Pittsburgh and my wife is a Steelers fan since she’s from around here. We’re very civil though when the Pats play them. I work at a TV station here and it’s going to be very hard not to have a big smile on my face when I go into work in a few hours :)

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Really glad I went to the home opener against the chefs and skipped this one

Really good decision

Team looks great. I was on a date for the game so I couldn’t watch too closely, but all looks well


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Of course not, but our wrs didn’t get open on those 3rd downs. With AB in we will have more single coverages and our chances of continuing a drive increase.

So, you can't credit the Steelers with playing good defense. You fault they WRS for not getting opem. Got it

Ochmed Jones

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What a great win to open the season.

The defense is playing at a very high level. Run defense was spectacular and we got pressure with just four rushers. Mayo is going to be a great dc for us.

Brady is amazing, the lack of preseason work showed through, but we will get better as the season goes along. This offense should be better than last years!

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Anyone wondering why Fat Ben hike -threw it deep into coverage multiple times was because it was out of frustration. You know your playing well on D when the QB does that many times during the game.


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(I think) Volin: Bill, do you have any comments on the reports...
Belichick: No.


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Cannon is the only concern I have. The unusual snaps were kinda weird, but inconsequential.
They’ll be consequential against a team with a better rush. Can’t be giving the Dline a 0.1-0.2sec head start.


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Ive never seen Ben play so bad.

Tomlin will be fired end of this season because the Steelers look totally unorganized.


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Great game all around from the team. Not much to complain about. D was lights out and Offense showed a lot of versatility, just got to get those snaps under control. Hoping Cannons injury isnt too serious.

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Gunner is very sure handed and decisive.

Yeah, I don't think Gunner is going anywhere to make room for AB. Sadly I think Meyers will go instead.

I'm not sad it's Gunner over Meyers. Just sad one of them will probably get cut.


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Gunner is very sure handed and decisive.

Gunner was the first guy to the ball carrier on every kickoff. No way he's getting cut. He may not be fast, but he has excellent acceleration and decisiveness, and seems to be able to make full speed cuts in traffic.

Winovich was the 2nd guy downfield kickoffs, BTW, which at 255 lbs may be even more remarkable...
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