Official Post Game Thread - Pats beat the Steelers

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Oct 4th

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Great opening win for us. Our defense played amazing and we have a lot of weapons on the offensive side of the ball. Really looking forward to a big year.

I hate Pitt, so this was really satisfying.

Hope Cannon is ok. We're on to Miami and AB will be there.

Let's discuss!!!


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So Michaels wants to throw shade about taking the Timeout.

How about this - if the Steelers don't want us to take timeouts lineup to kill the clock. If they're trying to score Bill is going to coach his defense to stop them until the game is over.

So **** off.


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I can't tell if I'd rather the Steelers turn out to be good and we just smoked a good team or if it would be better for this to be the first indication that they just suck.

Either way, next week we're dropping 50.


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It’s good to see the team starting strong!

The corners have had an outstanding night, they were able to generate pressure with the front 4.

Overall I am excited about what this season and what this team can do!


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The truly scary thing is that we didn't even look sharp on a number of plays. This team has a higher ceiling than what we saw tonight. And we're adding KVN and AB. :eek:

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12 carries for 25 yards for Steelers RBs behind that OL.

If the run defense plays at that level (& Jonathan Jones continues to impersonate Chris Harris Jr.) yikes.
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