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Official Post Game Thread - Pats beat Jete

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Sep 26th

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The reality is this is a 5-11 team, 6-10 at best. Our draft pick will be the highest it's been in years, QBs will still be available, and Bill will draft defense anyway.

Let's celebrate what I still think will be a rare win this season.

I'm fine drafting DE, DT, LB, or OLine with our top pick. Absolutely zero confidence the OC can accurately evaluate offensive talent. No more bust picks. Only go with staff who know Dline, OLine, or linebackers.

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I can't believe any of you clowns seriously think BB would actually tank a season.
It's not in his DNA.

Getting the first overall pick is not going to happen, so get over it.

They just won a game on a last second field goal and some of you jagoffs are pissed?
I figured things might get a little weird if we actually have a losing season AFTER 20 YEARS, but some people around here have gone full ******.

Tank for Trevor.
Fire Bill.
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I'm fine drafting DE, DT, LB, or OLine with our top pick. Absolutely zero confidence the OC can accurately evaluate offensive talent. No more bust picks. Only go with staff who know Dline, OLine, or linebackers.
I agree, but how much of a damning indictment is that of our offensive coaching staff and ultimately of BB himself?

The thing that still interests me though, is that 2019 aside which in hindsight was a really weird year for drafting/evaluating WRs for a number of teams, there's usually clear top of the pile studs that we are never in with a shout of. This year, you'd think we might be. Surely even Josh and co. can see that the two Bama guys are as close to sure thing as you're gonna get?

And, if you believe rumors we apparently really liked Mayfield and Herbert. If a QB we like is there, who knows.

I still think we draft D, but it's interesting to speculate for sure.


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Yea Izzo had a lot of room to have a pass bounce off his facemask


But wouldn't it be nice to watch Cam recognize that his 2 receivers to the left were covered because the whole Jeté secondary has shifted to the left, remember he has an outlet to the right, shift his feet and dump off a pass to Izzo with 50 yards wide open in front of him? Even if it bounced off Izzo's helmet I would be encouraged. Locking in on Myers and rifling it to him is not a team winning strategy.


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Lol, firing Bill after 6 trophies and 20 years of insane success because of one down season?

If Kraft does that I'll be turning in my fan card until Kraft is gone because that would be the dumbest thing Kraft could do

Fans are fickle with both players and coaches. All one has to do is look at Andy Reid.


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Which is why if I were Kraft I'd think about firing him. I thought Bill was smarter than that. I thought his hatred for the Jets would have been an overriding mentality.

I honestly don't think Bill plans on being here much longer than this year or maybe the next. Again, by losing out the rest of the season would have assured the Jets don't get TL. Maybe the Pats don't either, but the Jets wouldn't. It was an easy calculation, yet one that he failed miserably. And I mean miserably.
Fire Bill and the Pats won’t make the playoffs again for at least the rest of the decade. McDaniels is not an NFL head coach.
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No, not for one down season. For not taking advantage of a crappy team an having a horrible season. I would have saluted Bill, put a 10 year 30mil contract in front of him if he had properly tanked this season. He had a golden opportunity, and that win against the Jets yesterday probably bounced them out of the top 5. Its ridiculous. A useless win, in a useless year with a useless team.
If you can see a professional coach intentionally trying to loose in professional sports, hopefully you can see a coach that no one would hire and most likely an organization that most professional players and coaches wouldn't want to work for if the organization itself wanted to loose.

I have absolutely no doubt that if the Pats were to get rid of BB, like Reid, he'd probably have 3 airplanes at the airport waiting for him to fly him to job interviews. Out of 8 head new coaches hired in 2013, only one head coach is still with their team. Guess which one?

I never liked BB before this year (he won to much LOL), but I always respected what he did with his organization.

Can't help but think that if people knew you intentionally tried to loose in professional sports, you would loose all respect from those who you work with.


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The biggest takeaway I had from the Pats/Jets game was that Gilmore has a bigger influence on this defense than I thought- without him in there, our D goes to ****. He's the cornerstone of the DB corp and if he gets traded in the offseason, we'll need another elite DB to offset his loss.

And the other good thing is that BB hasn't lost his coaching acumen one bit. The closing sequence of the game was brilliant clock management. Timeout, timeout, QB sneak- don't call timeout because the ball is right there, snap to kill the clock.

That left one timeout for one more pass play to get into FG range, and that was executed pretty well.


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Keep telling yourself Brady had this same lineup lol. Michel was better, A better more healthy Edelman, Dorsett whois better than any active WR, a halfway decent defense that can get pressure and a better more healthy OL. Stop it dude. And no one is celebrating, Brady would suck with this trash offense as well lol, thats why he left, no?????? Why does Josh call all running plays in the red zone? Cause no one can make a play in the red zone .... not the same my friend, sorry..
Do you expect me to buy this? Andrews was lost last season and the Fullback. 2019 Sony tacked on a lot of garbage yards to his stats making him look better than he actually was. Dorsett was terrible.

Its the teams fault that Cam sucks so bad? NO

The Pats need to draft a QB and find another Vet for 2021.

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Could you please provide a source of anyone in the years that you spoke of who said that games were thrown? I'm assuming the players tanked and not the chess match of who would or will not be playing. Other than Houston (college whom I lost all respect for), I don't remember any news "worthy" source talking about athletes tanking to increase their standing position the following year.

You would think with all the years and games played, with players no longer being players, guys would be talking about how they tanked games IMO.

I have to laugh, you're complaining about trumped up charges on the Pats when a lot of people feel like the Pats were on the NFL payroll due to some of the breaks they got during key games. The reality is the game is made up of people, and people do make mistakes (like the refs). Thing is, there are so many people that have to be involved in a conspiracy in the NFL that the way I see it, sooner or later someone is going to talk.
Only a fool would believe that Roger Goodell was trumping up charges against Tom Brady and the Pats, even lying to the media about the numbers and taking away multiple draft picks and cash, because he was trying to help them win. The dope has always been about parity, but being a true Jete he couldn't pull it off.

Players would never tank games and I never implied that. I actually have a decent memory of Jeff Saturday and PEDton Manning looking stunned when they realized that they were being pulled and wouldn't be allowed to go for a 16-0 season in 2009.

It was management (probably Polian) who had the starters pulled in game 15 after going 14-0. That allowed the Jets to win and take the playoff spot that would have gone to Pittsburgh, who had Indy's number. Polian then used the Pats failure to win it all after going 16-0 two years earlier as his phony excuse in a presser.

The next time in 2011 was the Suck for Luck year, when Indy was left without a QB, or if they had one they didn't use him. They didn't win a game until they had the top pick locked up. I don't think there's anyone who believes that it was an accident that PEDton Manning was replaced by Andrew Luck, who just happens to be the son of Oliver Luck, the man who was Archie Manning's best man.

Keep laughing until Polian comes clean, or one of the Houston Astros' players admits cheating, but don't hold your breath.


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This forum is so divided, some think we’re one of the worst versions of the Patriots that’s ever existed, others think we’re a few pieces/additions from being a pretty good team. Which is it??

I'm not sure those two views aren't the same thing. Patriots almost always have a mostly marginal roster of no-names. A few key pieces might have always been the difference between a pretty good team AND the worst version ever.

Four players or roughly 1/18th of the roster: Put peak Brady, Gronk, Jules and High back on this team and we'd all be hand wringing about seeding, a playoff bye and home field advantage.

and/but this might be the perfect reflection of the potential vulnerability of Belichick's approach. Although I'm hesitant to write that, given how rugged it's been and some of the situations of this year.
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