Official: Patriots vs. Seahawks Game Day Thread

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Pick Results: NE: 51.3% at SEA: 48.7%
Sep 20th

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I watched bits and pieces if the first. Nothing like the visiting team getting home field advantage on your turf...
true, Brees's arm is going to fall off soon lol. I dont think your D did as bad as ours. I just think RW was on today. Blount Trama should have been run over and over on the last play, and there was 2 fouls for interference on the last play at least. Maybe one but im biased. But if anything it should be a replay down. I dont get how ref call bad plays like with us, and then decide to call nothing in your last play. Its so erratic.
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Still wondering how they called possession on that fumble that Roberts came away with. Like on those do the refs just decide "f**k it just give it back to them"
If you ask me I didn't see any evidence of immediate recovery that is definitive. It looks pretty likely that we recovered but thats not the replay standard.

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Ummm . . . that depends on what you mean.

If you mean "They had a play intended to run specifically in this game that they held on to because they were worried they'd see the Seahawks in the Super Bowl," you're probably right.

But if you mean "They had a trick play that they could have pulled out but decided against it," there's a good chance you're wrong. Remember that they originally tried to pull the Edelman pass against KC and they called it off at the last moment.
What I mean is that there's close to 0% chance the Patriots "held back" because they didn't want to show their hand ahead of a potential SB matchup
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