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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Week 14 Chiefs @ Pats

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Sep 12th

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2nd Team Getting Their First Start
DO we have anybody that can stretch the defense and make a play? And if we do why isn't he out there? I am done blaming the players. JOSH MCDANIELS YOU SUCK. Say what you want about Charlie but the man was creative. He knew how to get good offensive execution out of what he had. I don't know about Mcdaniels.


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  • Mason, Cannon - awful.
  • Defense - tired and uninspiring.
  • Brady - unfocused and pouting.
  • RBs - entirely mediocre.
  • WRs - beyond terrible due to inexcusable personnel decisions.

Plus side, Stephon Gilmore is the best defensive player in football and James White and Edelman are good!

BaconGrundleCandy Supporter Supporter
Or Deebo! And Brown and Metcalf were drafted after Joejuan Williams!
Literally almost replied to both post (yours & Kontra) saying Deebo.

Don't ignore the obvious & go after guys that would make a smooth transition to our offense.

Harry/Meyers were obvious attempts to get more physical but hasn't worked yet.

Get 12 some guys that can beat press, get open quick. Make it a little easier on the old man.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Something feels off. I think the Brown situation is more divisive than people understand. 17 down at half is nothing to past teams, to this team, im not even sure if they believe in themselves.
It is. Most teammates loved him. Look at how quick they like all of his posts


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WHY NO TIME OUT WITH 30 SECONDS LEFT AND AT 50 YARD LINE. What kind of a Brady BB team is this. I don't recognize it at all


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An anemic offense is cancer to strong defenses. They have no faith they can regain and lead

luuked Supporter Supporter
Sony Michel is a bust. You are blind af if you think otherwise. He had been a useless plodding disaster all season.

We are not even in the SB without Michel. But sure he is a bust.

If Brady gets sacked its mostly on the OL but if Michel cant even get to the LOS it is his fault.

Amazing logic you have.


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
I cant even properly express my hatred for blame Kraft for releasing AB, or **** AB for being bi polar nut job who cant stay off his phone

This guy wasnt part of this team plan this year and wasnt ever the answer. The fact that he fell into their lap DOESNT exchange belichick for having NOT replaced the tight end and wide out slots with ANYONE who actually BELONGS in the league.

Harry isnt randy moss and at best would of given you 5td/500 yards. What an unreasonable expectation

woolster22 Supporter Supporter
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Remind me again, where have we had success today? Where did we have our limited success outside of garbage time last week?

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Phil "don't care" Dorsett needs a one way ticket to Cutler's crib.
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