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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Week 14 Chiefs @ Pats

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Sep 12th

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Have you guys ever stopped to wonder if our wide receivers are too good?


In the Starting Line-Up
  • Mason, Cannon - awful.
  • Defense - tired and uninspiring.
  • Brady - unfocused and pouting.
  • RBs - entirely mediocre.
  • WRs - beyond terrible due to inexcusable personnel decisions.


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Sony Michel is a bust. You are blind af if you think otherwise. He had been a useless plodding disaster all season.

Burkhead is better, it’s maddening that they are so stubborn with Michel. The guy sucks.

Burkhead is also bad.


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Those booing and crying and what not don't deserve what they have received. Pathetic! Team is 10-2, has won 21 games in a row at home and our fans are booing them.


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If this is the beginning of the end, then make it quick.

I’d rather trudge through mediocrity with no expectations than watch Brady become more and more decrepit with this expectation that somehow things could change.

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Something feels off. I think the Brown situation is more divisive than people understand. 17 down at half is nothing to past teams, to this team, im not even sure if they believe in themselves.


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Patriots have to have the worst offense in the league at this point right?
It's pretty close to the bottom 5 at this point. There is no denying it.

I think they have some talent but need to execute perfectly. Problem is they don't or can't


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Again nobody knows this.

Everybody knows this, the league came out with a memo saying basclically that. AB was refusing to meet with the league on the case and that just pushed the investigation out longer. The only people who dont know it dont read

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Feel bad in a way for TFB..(if u can feel bad for a billionaire married to a hot supermodel with an amazing family)....wish he went out ON TOP last year rather than going out like THIS.....tough
He has always said the end would be ugly. Now he’s living it.
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