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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Dolphins

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Anyone still want to make fun of the Bengals for resting their starters?

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And over 5,000 yards passing. @Rob0729 what are your thoughts on Brady’s season and where he ranks amongst the NFL’s best?

I don’t know why you care about my opinion? I have said several times that he was elite this year and played better this year than last year. I didn’t think he was elite last year and there were a handful of played better. This year, you’d be hard press to find more than one if you want to put Rodgers ahead of him.


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Love how you Johnny Come Lately's Spew idiocy about no stops but refuse to admit that Barmore was held on that last one and it prevented him from making the stop. You refuse to acknowledge that they had a stop on the fake punt, but a horrible call was made on Bolden


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Dumb way to end it after fighting back through everything and all the mistakes. I get there was no chance but huck it and hope for a dpi
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