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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Chargers

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Both ESPN and have like 5 entire minutes of the current drive missing from the play by play
The funniest thing was on the punt play, espn had it posted as Mac Jones throws to Agholar for -65 yards. NE first and ten at the 34 (or similar)


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I picked a good night to miss the thread to take my kids out for candy.

I have been raiding the kit kat candy bowl meant for handing out. Between the Pats game and all the sugar, not sure which one has me higher.

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Too bad the penalty cost us time cause the clock stopped. Why is it that it rewards the team who is penalized

n6249c Supporter Supporter
And this game SHOULD have bee a blow out.

I'd say it was a great win against a quality team O)N THE ROAD. And it could have been a lot better., I think we have a playoff team
Let’s not be hasty. Time hasn’t expired yet.
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