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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Jax @ Pats

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Wanted to start this thread a little early today. We need to get a win badly. Looking for a bounce back game from our defense. Also looking for more consistency from our offense. Will be nice to get to 10 wins and clinch a playoff berth today!!!!

I'm ready to get back on the rolling train, who's with me???????????????

Of course, hoping for no more injuries and no more Covid cases!!!!!

Go Pats!!!!!!!

Let's discuss!!!!!!!


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Even though it's tempting to overlook JAX, this game is pretty much a must win for us to stay in good position for making the playoffs.

The Jaguars are still a pro NFL team, and we need to play a lot better than last week with fewer mistakes. Looking forward to a revamped gameplan and much better performance from the Pats this week.

We need this win, badly! Let's go Pats!!

Another thing I'm going to look for - a bounce back game from Mac Jones. Was last week hitting the rookie wall? Or can he come back from it and show us that he's made of much better stuff than he showed against the Bills?


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This should hinge on whether the offense decides to be functional or not. Hopefully we don't see Harry running 50 routes.


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Jags beat the Bills earlier this season. I expect a big win for the Patriots, but it's the NFL and it's a weird year. Take care of business, get out healthy, and root for a Miami or Vegas loss. If nothing else this year, let's get Mac a taste of postseason football.


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win these last 2 and with a good amount of help play at home wildcard weekend. Also, they have to "open up" the offense a bit - I'm not saying throw 30 yards downfield every other play, but be less predictable. they won't have playoff success if they're only throwing the ball downfield once they get down 2 touchdowns. I have said for the longest time that Mac Jones is not the problem. The problem is the play calling on offense around him. You're sending a rookie up to fail with constant, third and nine
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