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Harry looks shook up.

Not sure why Mac is still out there slinging it. I don't think we can win. Even if we can score a quick TD, then you have to convert an onside kick with zero timeouts left.

Why not?

That's exactly what's we're hoping for. Quick TD. Onside. And long FG.

PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter
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okay, looks like an L.

And an extra week, and then Buffalo coming into town butthurt and yappin LOL


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If we win the division and meet the Colts in the Playoffs it would be in Foxboro. No way are they winning their division. It will be a very different game then this one sided bs tonight !

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
The Pats were out of receivers. You are throwing to Gunner on the final play Of any hope of a comeback. That tells you how little you had left at the position.
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