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Oct 2nd
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Bad mistake by Mac. Let's see if on the next possession he can show the ultra important QB quality of forgetting the mistake.
If they don’t get a score on the first possession of the second half the game is over…. you might as well turn it off… Down 17 to nothing already is going to be tough to come back from


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wow. We laid an egg. Not sure if we can come out of this. We have to score on the very first series in the 2nd half.


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Hire Adam Gase IMO, he would not have called for a pick in the red zone

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
17-0 isn’t insurmountable. But the Pats need to pull their crap together in the second half. Score a TD on the first drive of the second half and they are right back in the game.

n6249c Supporter Supporter
Mac has been on the wrong page with Henry the entire season so far… How many times has Mac thrown to the corner of the end zone and Henry is doing a curl… Who’s fault is it? Only Belichick knows… Got to fix it
That INT had nothing to do with Mac and Henry, it was Mac not seeing the defense and throwing to the defender.


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Bye week hangover. Hopefully we can make some halftime adjustments and at least make this a game.


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Defense can’t stop the run, offense can’t block, and Mac can’t throw, but other than that……

Mac really bad half of football. Between the awful INT, forgetting the game clock, taking a 15 yard sack.

started looking better on that last drive but the needed p there.


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Just one of those games, will be happy with a good showing in 2nd half . But not done yet


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Running a sluggo with Harry? No wonder the LB peeled off that. Harry slips on top of that too.


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Another reason why the 1 seed was so important. Imagine this team in arrowhead LOL and people were actually saying they'd prefer to play on the road because of some fluke difference in record, HOPE YOU'RE WATCHING TONIGHT


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It's 17 to 0, it's not 30 - 0. The Pats start with the ball, plenty of time to mount a comeback
There is. But it is improbable based on the makeup of this squad : running and D. They aren’t built for big comebacks

Even a FG there would’ve been huge. A TO hurts.

We’ll see.
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