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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Official Eagles @ Buccaneers Playoff Thread

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Dingleberry Supporter Supporter
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Why do Bucs RB's and receivers like to tip the ball in the air so much. Awful.

Bucs are dead men walking and should be bounced next week due to injuries. **** the Eagles though.


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Injuries are piling up. Tampa should still win today, possibly win next week, but they could run out of gas in the NFCCG. If Rodgers can’t take advantage of the wounded Bucs, he’ll never get out of the NFC.

Joker Supporter Supporter
You know...I need some Skyrizzee...real and Skyrizzee that you should see...blah blah blah buh bee bee bee...jeezus krist...ENOUGH!!! What does psoriasis have to do with football?????


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If Tampa wins that game, Fournette should be back. No chance for Godwin.