DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official Draft Day LIVE Discussion Thread - Day 3

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Bill Lee

What, me worry?
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Damn wtf. The Jets are having a decent draft... I hate to say it. Feels like a bit of a reach for Morgan but not awful.
Don't worry, they are the Jete. Crazy Eyes Gaze and the other morons will ruin any player they draft.

My condolences to the Morgan family.

I turned on the TV to watch the draft, but sure I guess some ****ing country music is fine too.

ESPN sucks so bad.
I am watching the 'Chat Sports' live stream on u2b

It isn't anything spectacular, but it's pretty cool to just hear two guys mostly talking about on the field performance and answering fan questions about the players (with some snark and a lot of self promotion in between) and not a bunch of off the field stuff produced by dozens of 'creators' cranked out by the media programs of various over priced universities and hired by the bus load by BSPN.

If I wanted emotional engagement I'd watch a TV drama or buy a romance novel. As you said, BSPN sucks bad!

Oh yeah and no commercial breaks on the stream. As crappy as these guys self promotion is, I'm sick of those ambulance chaser commercials that are on the ABC broadcast on WCVB.


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Doug Kyed


If the Patriots wanted to package their fifth-round pick with a sixth to move up, they're now within range. Wouldn't be shocked if the Patriots stayed put to grab a kicker in the fifth, though.


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Will Bill package 2 #6’s to move up?

Watching other teams draft is like not having any money left to gamble and watching other people play blackjack at Caesar’s

Pats waiting for $5 table to open up


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The Colts are building a good team for now and the future. Impressed with their GM. Pittsburgh has had a solid FO for many years.