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On Tuesday, FS1’s Nick Wright brought the debate to another level by revealing an interesting text message he received in wake of Cleveland’s Week 6 defeat.

“I got a text message from what I will call a ‘trusted NFL source,’ ” Wright said on “First Things First.” “And the text message said, ‘The Odell trade rumblings are rumbling again.'”

“I look around the league and I say, ‘Who is a team that if (Beckham) were to become available could fit him in under the cap, would make sense (and) has an obvious need there, and the top of that list is your Patriots,” Wright said.

Now, the text said nothing about the Patriots. I want to be clear here. I want to be clear that A) The text was not from Odell. I promise I give my word. And B) The text did not say any team in particular. I’m connecting the Patriots dot when I was told that the Odell trade rumblings are starting to rumble again,” he added. ” … I do think they could use another weapon so it’s not Ryan Izzo going over the middle fumbling the game away. But I think the Patriots are gonna be fine, and I think they could be downright dangerous had they added Le’Veon Bell — they didn’t — or if they were to make a trade for a wide receiver, which maybe they could.”
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Who knows what the asking price would be. I do remember there being another, unrelated rumor about OBJ this season...


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Nick Wright is pretty much the last person to believe when it comes to an inside scoop. But ODB would be a welcome addition.


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I dont like beckham, but unlikely this would happen anyway.
We need wr help. Any quality wr we get now is gonna come with baggage or will be an upcoming fa. Not sure who fits that description.
Really dont want beckham here screaming at Cam on the sidelines.
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