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PatsFans.com Supporter
Samuel lays into the NFL over its hypocrisy in letting the Steelers' slide.

Not holding my breath waiting for the MCI and CHB to chime in...and waiting...and waiting...

It's a darn good thing that reporters in NY and DC are not giving up and instead are persisting in holding the League to account.

"...there will be no investigation, as the league tries to plug its ears shut and la-la-la-la! this whole issue away. And that’s because doing anything else would mean admitting that NFL analysis of the Patriots’ underinflated footballs was all wrong two seasons ago. It would mean admitting that Bill Belichick, already a great coach, is also the king of cram when it comes to last-minute science lessons. And it would mean admitting that Tom Brady never deserved this year’s four-game ban."

Why the NFL has overlooked the Steelers’ Deflategate 2.0


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Florio's take...

Mara, Rooney try to quell Deflategate II

“Much ado about nothing,” Mara said.

Asked for his own comment, Rooney answered, “I agree with John.”

But while those comments might seem like they should put the issue to bed, the fact remains that the Giants believed the Steelers were using under-inflated footballs. When the Colts believed that the Patriots were using under-inflated footballs, the NFL spent months of time and millions of dollars to investigate the matter, and eventually concluded that the Patriots should be stripped of draft picks and Tom Brady should be suspended for four games. Why should it be swept under the rug this time when it was treated as a major scandal last time?

The answer to that is likely that Mara and Rooney, two NFL lifers whose families have been close for generations, don’t want to create another controversy. That, however, isn’t a good enough reason: If the NFL has to thoroughly investigate any hint of cheating, as Roger Goodell claimed during the first Deflategate, then the NFL has to thoroughly investigate whether the Steelers’ footballs were under-inflated. And if under-inflated footballs are either not a big enough deal to investigate or simply a byproduct of playing football on a chilly day, then the NFL shouldn’t have harshly disciplined the Patriots and Brady.

The Pats and their fans should keep pushing this, if nothing else in the hopes of at the very least getting the 4th round pick back this year. Can always hold out hope, that Goodell finally admits it was all a sham, resigns in disgrace, and awards the Pats the #1 pick in the draft.


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CHB chimed in this morning with his own column.

I saw the article in a waiting room today.

No breathing human being could miss the comedic irony of a column by a writer who never even commented on the game, yet spends the entire column lecturing the Patriots to stop carping about Deflategate. BB, Brady nor any other player commented on this story this week, even though the press kept asking them repeatedly. Jonathan Kraft demurely answered once briefly upon being asked.

Shank doth protect too much. He and the media built the sandcastle and then told the Patriots to stop building sand castles.


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I don't understand why this was even reported by the Giants.

Is the NYJFL* propaganda so strong that low level Giants employees really believe the ideal gas law doesn't exist? It's mind boggling!

The only logical thinking to this, whoever reported it had an axe to grind.

Todd Bradley

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Unfortunately the only person who can do anything about it is Kraft, and we know he won't, so we have to live with the burning rage of the lying and hypocrisy from Goodell, scumbag Mara and his silver spoon family buddy Rooney.

If Kraft were to make a statement, calling out the league, there would be something to work with. He's not going to though, so this will only just keep enraging us, time and time again.

But at least we know the history books will not be kind to Goodell. He will go down as an utter incompetent, POS, moron.

Brady will go down as the GOAT. So at the end of the day, we just need the team to focus on winning another Super Bowl and nothing more.


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I wouldn't mind if Kraft said something sort of non-official, as in a snarky "we all know by now there is a different set of rules for us" kinda way. But he's not going to actually accomplish anything by making a formal complaint publicly. The league has already proven they can make and break the rules as they please.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
CHB chimed in this morning with his own column.
And, unlike the Daily News which recognizes the Goodell-Wells charade, the CHB mocks the "Truthers" and still insists (in caps yet!) "THEY WERE DOING IT."

So, Dan, the New York Daily News is a bastion of Deflategate Truthers? The New York Daily News is deluded and deceived?

Why don't you see if you can get a job at the Tabloid with the largest circulation in the United States? What? You say they wouldn't hire you?

Get lost, Dan.
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