NOOOOOOOOO (Boger alert)

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I loathe Boger. I think he's the most genuinely incompetent official in all of sports, though others are more corrupt and so ruin the game more.

Having said that, I'm glad that he's in this game that the Pats should easily win rather than one in which he could make a difference.

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Well, at least it's the Bills. Despite incompetent officiating, we should still win. On a related note, did Ed Hoculi retire? I haven't seen him at all this year. I know Jeff Triplette retired (thank God! He was worse than Boger). It cracks me up that one of the networks uses him as their "expert" on officiating. He didn't know the rules when he was on the field and was run out of town. Now he's an expert, LOL.


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I'd prefer, if we have to get a guy like Boger, to get him in a game where the opposing team isn't expected to be in the playoffs.

i.e. Margin of possible victory is higher and officiating mistakes can be managed.
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