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No Single Game Ticket Sale this Year?

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Nov 28th

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It seems like there will be no public sale of Pats tickets this year, at all. In years past they announce a sale date in April for some date in July. I only ever got tickets through it once (2 tickets in 08 or 09). They are gobbled up in seconds, and it's more like a lottery ticket for the chance to purchase than a sale.

But this year? No date announced, no Ticketmaster page for non-resale tickets. And the ticket office answered the question thusly:

As the overwhelming majority of Gillette Stadium is occupied by Patriots Season Ticket Members, tickets for individual games are extremely limited. Should there be individual game tickets available for the 2019 season, information regarding a general public sale will be posted on in the coming weeks. Please keep in mind that we are only able to host a general public sale when inventory allows; unfortunately, a general public sale is not guaranteed.

We recommend that fans visit the NFL Ticket Exchange, StubHub, and/or SeatGeek for available tickets.

I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. Spreading a few seats out to non STH (and waitlisters, which I am) seems like a good gesture to the fan base.


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Got that same reply last week. Two game packages for waitlisters are usually on sale by now. Curious how they handle this for pre season games. Have to get those to the market soon.
I wonder if they offered a large amount of season tickets to waitlisters this year. I am late 2003 though. I know one of the members here who is a new season ticketholder joined in early 03.
Who knows?


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Yes, I am in 09, so I figure I have a decade or so to go. Now that they killed the ticket exchange, if they kill the presale, I'm going to be really bummed. The presale was always a week before the general public sale. Without that date, I'm a little concerned the waitlist presale might be dead too.
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