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Dec 12th
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Mods merge as you see fit but I didn't see a thread for the other Week 2 games.

Who you guys have tonight?

Sicilian Supporter Supporter
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Probably Chiefs. Chargers usually play them well, and Herbert can definitely keep up with that offense, but Arrowhead should be the difference.


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I think the Chiefs will win. I kind of expected more struggles from them after loosing Hill.
Cardinals' defense is terrible. Chargers should be a good test with all the playmakers they have on D, and an explosive offense. Just key in on Kelce all game long and don't let him wreck the game, convert key 3rd downs, etc.

PATSYLICIOUS Supporter Supporter
Zion Little Johnson
Joshua Smelley
Will Got Clapp’ed
Soreknee michel
Kyle minivan noy
Orlando Clown
Harrison butlicker
Mecole cant get hardman
Juju smith douche-ster

Love you Cap

denverpatsfan Supporter Supporter
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Chefs to win. Chargers coach will cost them the game with more poor decision making.


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Cheifs looked so good Sunday. Hard to pick against them

Cardinals may have the worst D in the league though. It's the only thing making me pause. If the Chiefs shove it up the arse of the Chargers' D tonight, then I will buy in.

Chargers best WR out tonight makes me doubt they can keep up with the Chiefs either way. Take the Chiefs (-4.0).

I hope I am wrong.

PatsWSB47 Supporter Supporter
So who has prime to watch this? I've used Amazon prime for 3 years shipping and Prime video is included

Tunescribe Supporter Supporter
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So who has prime to watch this? I've used Amazon prime for 3 years shipping and Prime video is included

I'm watching on my computer. Haven't synched streaming to my smart TV yet.

I have Prime, but I won't be watching most of these games.

That's incredibly disappointing and skews the ratings. On the other hand, nothing should interfere with updating those Buccaneers Tweet posts! ;)


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I've got a firestick on each of my TVs so I'll have it on. I hope the commercials aren't as bad as SNF. It's almost unwatchable now with the volume of commercials.