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Sep 24th


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Bad sequence by the Lions there. I agree with Romo, should have managed the clock better. It amazes me after watching other teams, how poorly they do that.


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NFL needs to start flagging guys who are laying on top of players and not getting up after the play is over to shave off a few more seconds.


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Bad game management by Detriot, they could have easily milked the clock during their TD drive and left the bildos with no time.


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I wonder if Mac really would have beat the Lions. Much less eviscerate them 29-0.


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0:52. Look at his knee. That looks like an ACL tear or bad sprain minimum for Von Miller. No way he plays a week from now.

Massive loss for the Bills and a big break for us.


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Pats better keep their eye on McKenzie and Davis a week from now. Don't want a repeat of last year.

PATSYLICIOUS Supporter Supporter
Pats better keep their eye on McKenzie and Davis a week from now. Don't want a repeat of last year.

Im just worried about whoever miles bryant is covering (assuming whoever is ondiggs will get safety help)

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