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Nov 1st

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captain stone

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To be fair Sidney Jones had an achilles injury in college. Was considered mid 1st round talent before injury. Never got back fully healthy after other issues as well. Like Jaylon Smith, someone was going to take a shot on Jones in the 2nd or 3rd.
Same argument could have been made about Ras-I Dowling (knee instead of Achilles, of course).
Dowling’s tape screamed 5th round pick. But for a couple of games that skewed the whole grading curve.

this is probably the one pick bb wishes he had a redo on.
Yep...and if he doesn't, he should...Glas-IR never, ever should've been the 33rd-overall, first pick of Day 2 of the draft...Denver scored a ton for #36...
or Bill could've had Jabaal Sheard four years earlier...
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TE Jordan Thomas
DT/NT Dan McCullers

Also, off PHI can’t work something out with TE Ertz...beautiful contract, excellent player, another TE with a high ceiling (Goedert) waiting in the wings..

I want them here..