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NEW ARTICLE: Five 2021 Patriots Draft Picks Who Could Fill Key Needs in 2022

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Sep 24th Article

Pro Bowl Player
Five 2021 Patriots Draft Picks Who Could Fill Key Needs in 2022
Ian Logue
Many people are talking about the success the Patriots had in last year's draft after getting contributions from Mac Jones, Christian Barmore and Rhamondre Stevenson, but there's a possibility there could be more to come.

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captain stone Retired Jersey Club
I wouldn't hold my breath, especially in the cases of #s 3 & 4...

Midgets like Perkins & Uche who have been deluded into believing that they're "pass-rushers" need to wake the **** up and start working at other facets of their games such as, oh I don't know, shedding blocks, covering & tackling?

Tricky Tre Nixon has a tough road ahead of him to make the 53, but he'll more than likely be given another season on the PS should he clear waivers (much more likely)... Not looking real good so far Ernie...


In the Starting Line-Up
IMO everyone in this list except for Sherman needs to work their asses off on special teams. NFL careers are short and these guys could see them end before they even start.

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