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NEW ARTICLE: Brady's Championship Might Have a League-Wide Effect on Frustrated QBs

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The problem with this logic is Brady was lucky that he ended up with a team with a lot of talent. Who knows what is true, but the word was that Brady didn't have a lot of suitors. And even if he did, there was no guarantee it would be with a team with a lot of receiving talent and a pretty good defense. There was always a chance that Brady hit free agency and only bottom feeding teams were interested.

And Brady wasn't looking for top tier salary or a long term commitment either. If Rodgers, Wilson, or Watson shoot their ways out of town (absent of a trade), they will want to be paid. That could limit their chances of hooking up with a good team that truly is a QB away from being a contender.

Personally if top tier QBs start to leave teams to go to other teams, I think it will diminish the quality of the play in the NFL. A lot of teams remain bad teams because of lack of consistency where they change coaches every two to three years. In a QB driven league, swapping QBs every few years will have the same result.
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Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Some random thoughts I had similar to @Ian 's article:

1.) I believe that we are at a point where salaries will be tied to the cap in terms of percentages, starting with the QB market. A few (err...many) examples:

a.) The Rams basically PAID Detroit to unload Goff because he makes 30M+ a year and doesn't throw it deep.

b.) The Packers for some reason drafted Jordan Love with a first round pick at a time when Rodgers really needs an offensive weapon on a cheap rookie deal.

c.) The Seahawks are moving to a rushing offense....and Russell Wilson wants a place at the table.

d.) The Dolphins aren't even 100% in on Tua Tagovailoa and could buy another season on a rookie QB deal by dealing Tua for picks and taking a QB.

e.) Houston is screwed with DeShaun Watson. They don't have picks nor the cap space (25th of 32 teams per Sportrac) to really add talent. Trading Watson for a QB on a rookie contract might be their best avenue.

f.) Buffalo will have to pay Josh Allen 30M+ in 2022 and onward.

g.) The Jets will have to decide whether to pick up Darnold's 5th year option or take a rookie QB in April.

h.) The Steelers need to deal with Ben's 40M cap number next year.

i.) The Ravens will have to pony up for Lamar Jackson soon.

j.) The Colts won't pony up a ransom for Wentz.

k.) The Chiefs already owe Mahomes about half a billion the next decade.

l.) The Cowboys will have to pay Prescott 35M+.

m.) The Eagles would love to unload Wentz and his hefty cap charge...while taking a hard dead money hit too.

n.) The Falcons can't do anything about Matty Ice.

o.) The Saints just had Brees drop his salary by 24M....and might seriously consider Jameis Winston to compete with Taysom Hill.

p.) The Bucs love Brady, but will lose some FA's this year because they have to pay Tommy 28M (a bargain though).

q.) The Niners are looking at whether the grass is greener at the other side or not.

IMO, teams are realizing that QB salaries are outta whack....even with the cap at say ANY QB worth 10% of the cap??? Can you win a Superbowl with an albatross of a QB making 25M+???? Even look at Brady who made 28M this year...the Bucs will lose Godwin....maybe David.....maybe even Gronk or AB....hard to see the Bucs any better than they were on Sunday in 2021...although BA and Licht seem to think they can have Evans give up some money to retain Godwin.

More of a reason to consider tying QB salaries to a percentage of the cap. Something like 15% MAX for the best QB in the 5% for the worst starting QB in the league. Say the cap is at 250M in a couple of years...we are talking about 37.5M for someone like Mahomes and 12.5M for someone like Mitchell Trubisky... and it would keep all salaries in whack...cap goes up..the best get paid need to renegotiate extensions..kinda like the cap on rookie contracts.

2.) This is ALL the more reason for Belichick and the brain trust to seriously stand pat...and let the QB market come to them. There'll be a lot of movement in the next 5-6 weeks...and following that..more moves while teams jostle for draft slots. If I were BB and Co.....I would be dead serious about bringing Cam back....and just see what breaks loose around April/May. A crazy thing like Seattle or Green Bay all of sudden deciding they need to unload their QB's could possibly happen. Just tell Cam that we are interested in a reunion, but at something like 10-12M a year...and that he'll have to compete with Stiddy for real. Then let Cam hit the market and shop himself around...maybe the WFT signs him to compete Heincke/Allen or whatever. Just let teams like the Bears/Colts make the big moves....let teams trade up to grab one of the 4 guys...maybe a Sam Darnold will be available all of sudden.

3.) Man...Tom Brady is utterly insane.....he has really "broken" the NFL Thanos Infinity Stone style.... I love that guy! But what he has done or is doing is UTTERLY UNPRECEDENED .....and folks should keep that in mind. Even Belichick wasn't sold on him lasting 4-5 more years 2 seasons ago...and now he looks unstoppable and good enough to play 3-4 more seasons. In 2015...I was telling way does Brady play beyond 2019....after seeing him get beat up in Denver.

The problem is everyone (except us) went long on cap for QB's to infinity. Now they are going to also be stuck with player's that match that like left tackle's/ wide receivers/ and pass rushers.

If Jimmy G is the plan, I bet BB already told him the number he's valued and it's not what he gets now but will be higher than anyone else.