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The critics have blasted them all season, but Sunday night the Patriots defense proved that they really are better than people think.

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@Vec18 what if we compromise and throw those white helmets on the 90s jerseys and then high-five about it?

They will get the Browns compensatory pick for Alex Mack (currently projected by @nickkorte to be the 103rd overall…

RT @David_J_Beckett: @patscap They also went above and beyond to keep Devon McCourty in Foxboro.

@lilsarg Because the 49 other states don't have racists?

With Patriots confirmed to wear white in Super Bowl, a jersey-based look back at their previous eight appearances.

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Sounds like Roethlisberger is just blowing off a little steam

#Haiti needs help, esp after #Haiti . Every dollar helps rebuild. Join me in supporting #Haiti

They should also let Ben Coates play. What's he up to these days? Give him a few snaps, Bill. You won't.

Patriots are wearing white jerseys in SB ( but if they have any guts they'll come out weari…

#Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger says on @937thefan that he's not ready to commit to playing in 2017. Will consider his options then decide.

A good chuckle is important in these troubled times.

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@AllanNoik Good morning Allan. I asked the Patriots this morning and they confirmed for me it is white.

That has to be one of the most brilliant things I've ever heard in my life.

My Thoughts from TC both Session SAT 8/1

Discussion in 'Patriots 2009 Training Camp Reports and Photos' started by TheBaronPatriot, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. TheBaronPatriot

    TheBaronPatriot On the Game Day Roster

    I was present at both sessions sitting in the 2nd row.
    I tried to watch a few things closely to get as much info as possible about my areas of interest.
    I always enjoy reading other member's posts like these and hope people do likewise.

    Moss was not at the first session.

    Galloway looked nice, fast.
    He dropped a quick WR screen and looked slightly out of it.
    I think he still needs time to work out timing.
    He also wore a pirate like torn shirt pirate skull cap.

    Guyton looks like he's put on some nice beef. 10 lbs or so.
    Last year he looked like a length LB, now he looks like an LB... with nice length.
    Still looked fast and when covering RB out of the backfield was on every player's hip including Faulk, Taylor, and Maroney.

    Mayo... oh man.
    He also looks bigger. 5-10 lbs.
    Still fast - shows great technique.
    He was covering Faulk out of the backfield and as soon as Faulk turned he was in position to drop his hips and was stuck to him like glue.
    His increased mass has led to an increase in power.
    During LB pass rush drills the RBs try to block the blitzing LB and keep him away from the QB - wearing a red shirt.
    Mayo would on occasion use moves and others power.
    In making moves he showed a nice spin whose timing needs work.
    He would beat his man into the area he would likely recover and got blocked at times.
    With power he blew up the RBs who were backpedaling over just falling over.
    He bowled over Sammy Morris who is a good blocking back with good strength.

    Tully Banta Cain:
    Was not really watching him but during one point he blew up a reverse by executing his role within the defense.
    Showed good effort during pass rush situations.

    Looked good. Was able to run around and make throws on the run not showing any awkwardness. Also was able to shuffle his feet in the pocket to buy time.
    During one drill, the QBs were throwing to the LBs into the corner of the endzone. Not a fly ball sort of deal but rather a deep ball into the corner by the endzone line cone. Brady threw into an area within 2 feet of the sideline every time.

    Looks like the clear #2.
    During passing drills he showed good accuracy and confidence.
    When it's time to go through WR drills Hower and Gutz pass the ball giving the coaches additional film. McConnel is always the guy to take the O after TB.

    Look nice.
    Snatching balls out of the air with his hands as usual.
    Plucked a ball about 2 feet off the ground nicely.
    Almost had a few circus catches.
    At one point 2 QBs threw him the ball at the same.
    Moss in his usual way caught one ball with one hand and less than a second later caught the second ball. Made it look easy.

    A. Thomas:
    Did not look good during passing drills.
    Was frustrated and was beaten a few times.

    Stephen Ghost:
    Did not miss a kick during the morning session.
    Did not kick in the afternoon session.
    Also while warming, showed a nice arm.
    Throwing a dart at about 30 yards away.
    Maybe BB will let him throw.

    Jake Ingram:
    Looks length. Big Kid.
    Looks very young.
    Hope he makes it though Hodel did not miss a single snap and was within inches of the target every time.
    Ingram showed a slightly greater variance in the accuracy of his snaps.
    But this doesn't mean he was far at all. He was within 6 inches everytime.
    I think Ingram is supposed to be the future and Hodel is his backup blan. All over things being equal Ingram wins the job.

    Alex Smith looks like a big wide receiver.
    Baker looks like a TE.
    Watson was not present.
    Sam Aiken looks like a skinny TE.
    He's big. Good hands. Hope he makes it.

    Eldman: showed good hands.
    Made some diving catches.
    Was working with Wes Welker during WR drills.
    Practicing getting off the line, and bump and run.
    Fumbled a punt.

    Vollmer is very large.
    Stands a head above most players.
    Shows great feet when kick sliding to take on the outside rusher.
    Was with the first team during the second session since Light was not present. Did not stand out and looked to be executing his blocking assignment at all times.
    During one run, he blocked Guyton into the area where players waiting to be substituted in were standing.
  2. ctpatsfan77

    ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter

    Thanks for the writeup! :)

    Two quick thoughts. . . .

    Imagine if BB took Brady off for a play and had Gostkowski under center. :rofl:

    I never knew Sea Bass grew so big near the North Sea. :D
  3. Fencer

    Fencer Pro Bowl Player

    Nitpick: If that were true, the Patriots might be Super Bowl champions and Matt Cassell might not be a rich man.
  4. Fencer

    Fencer Pro Bowl Player

    I doubt that.

    But fake FGs may still be in the gameplan.
  5. Fencer

    Fencer Pro Bowl Player

    Great post, by the way. :) Thanks for writing it up!
  6. TheBaronPatriot

    TheBaronPatriot On the Game Day Roster

    Tue. Nobody's perfect's perfect though.
    Everybody misses blocks.
    Some with more consequences than others.
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