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Not really

The premise of the thread is to pick your favorite year and you picked 2008 over 5 SB winning seasons

lol ok

The question was favorite year not favorite result. I thought 08 was fun seeing them evolve like they did when nobody expected it.

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But I think 2016 was my favorite year.

What is yours ?

Has to be this for me too if the heart truly doesn't lie, because it was the only post-SB where I spent at least a week on a cloud. The Patriots' place on Olympus was secure for me from then on, haters be damned, and that was all I ever wanted. The 6th win was gravy and thus anticlimax, albeit a tasty one. Note that in order to be a favorite year, I need that payoff at the end.

For non-payoff seasons, as painful as the end was, 2007 was fun. The best for me was seeing the Redskins, whom I as a child hated with a bottomless passion (long story), crushed like ants.
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So '76 was better than all the SB winning years.

Even with all the increased dismissal, disrespect and denigration of the team by 2001, they'd still been in two Super Bowls and several players had playoff experience.

Aside from the team plane crashing, the games at Pittsburgh and Pasadena were a foregone conclusion. That season, 1976.

The NFL only reluctantly accepted the Patriots as part of the merger, and the league, opponents and the media all were already clenching to the Pats as their punching bag no matter what. No team even remotely non-elite or non-exalted had even been to the Super Bowl let alone won it.

1976 was not just the year of the bicentennial celebration. It was the historic year in football, as '74 was for the NHL and '75 was for the NBA.

As not only well documented but still, relentlessly propagandized today, the Patriots were the object of the most derision, locally and nationally, I have ever seen. Forget the Mets, the Nationals, the Capitals, the Bucs that year; the Patriots were used by haters to wipe their feet on for the previous decade. Shoving all of that in their sick, worthless faces was more satisfying then than anything that ever happened afterward.

Blame the local media (and Kraft) for doing nothing to honor and promote their legacy.

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I too enjoyed the year following going 18-1 with losing the GOAT, losing the division , and not doing anything of note.

Easily rates higher than any of the super bowls

You forgot about the following highlights:

  • The hated rival Steelers winning the Super Bowl in an agonizing way after their Bernard Pollard fan club.
  • The Patriots absolutely waxing the eventual NFC Champion Cardinals and being arguably the best team to ever miss the postseason, considering a team with 3 less wins got in (San Diego). Along with a +73 point differential over the Dolphins, who beat them in a tiebreaker.
  • The Wildcat game which was one of the team’s most embarrassing losses ever.
  • Peyton Manning picking up a totally unearned MVP award in a down year for him.
  • Tom Brady’s multiple botched ACL surgeries/infections.
Yeah, 2008 was the greatest season ever, no doubt.


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Like your first kiss, 1974 was a warning shot to the sports world that the Patriots were not just good, but for real. The media did their usual best to dismiss them, ignore their success and promise, and trumpet any uncomplimentary episode or incident that made them look bad, in their ongoing, endless, unsuccessful (to anyone with a brain) attempt to make the team as silly as their owner.

Two years later, the Patriots did not experience a rash of injuries, and thus won. Local media grudgingly hopped aboard the bandwagon as the wins piled up. National media ignored them with one exception: Howard Cosell, who, while projecting ahead in the season on MNF, shared the Patriots' belief that they could in fact go into Baltimore and win the rematch with the Colts, to position themselves for the playoffs, which they did in dominant fashion.

After the turnover filled loss in the opener, besides the annual dud at Miami the only other loss was in Pontiac to the lowly Lions, and Assistant special teams coach Bill Belichick.

The similarities between the Patriots' 1976 and 2001 seasons are striking. Naturally, had Ben Dreith officiated any of the '01 team's playoff games, there would have been no title. Further, the chain reaction could have been similar to what happened 25 years earlier: Without the experience of playing in, and winning, the Super Bowl, there is that unaccomplished barrier mentally, not to mention would Harrison and Dillon have come here, etc.

Anyway, media treated the Patriots in 1976 as an afterthought, and the absurdity of the debacle in Oakland made no difference. The Patriots were dispatched, as expected, and everyone got on with their lives.

The very next year, an inferior Denver Broncos team was given the royal treatment by national media throughout the season, the first year that franchise ever did anything.

That 1976 season was a blast. Too many big plays on special teams and defense to count. Not to mention the offense.

The regular season finale at winless Tampa was fun. A long pick six from lumbering Sam Hunt, and a successful extra point kick by Steve Zabel.

Six days later, the team did its job on the first step to glory.

And the officials did theirs too, making sure the better team did not win.
Great post. The loss to Oakland was traumatic to a 14 year old scott99. But 1976 was a magical season. Just loved so many of those guys on that team, with Steve Grogan, Steve Nelson, Daryl Stingley, Tim Fox and Russ Francis being my favorites. I became a fan in 1975, rare for a native NYer, got my first Pat’s jersey on Christmas Eve 1976 from my parents.

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Native Birlingtonian here, transplanted age 6. Yeah 76 was a year all right. Woulda shoulda coulda year. Ben f***in Dreith.

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Been pretty fortunate to have so many good seasons to choose from in just a short 20 years.

2001 was special, no doubt about it. Unbelievable that they finally climbed to the top. Thats #1 for me. The adrenal rush was just one of many to come. But that one was special.

2004 with Dillon and the defense was just an all time great team. Right up there with the all time teams in the NFL. For me it was pretty special to not only win the repeat, but to also have the Sox break the curse a few months earlier was a great feeling. Laid a foundation for title town for New England sports.

Just glad I was alive to be a fan of it. Last 20 years has been a ride.

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In 2014 we killed what should've been the Seahawks dynasty and in 2018 we at the very least stole one SB from KC IMO. I think my favorite would be 2014. That fourth SB felt like it'd never arrive up until the run down to the 1 yard line


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The Atlanta comeback. I was still reading game threads on other fan forums months later.


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The Atlanta comeback. I was still reading game threads on other fan forums months later.

That game made me a happier person in general for months, not exaggerating.

I'd have a bad day and then just think, "Yeah, but 28-3, beyatch!"

The Seahawks were just the ultimate enemy team though, both in terms of trash-talking hate-ability and how good they really were.

Brady beating them the year after they made Peyton Manning at his career peak eat it was just another facet of how great SB49 was.


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The Atlanta comeback. I was still reading game threads on other fan forums months later.
Still not sure why more people dont have this at #1

First SB Win after Deflate Gate

The year Brady was Suspended

This SB win was the ultimate FU to Roger and the NFL.

Brady rubbed the win in Rogers face with the "Roger That" commercial

It gave Brady 1 more ring than Montana cementing his legacy

Shannon Sharpe called TB the GOAT Football player not just QB

It featured the greatest comeback in football history and in sports in general.

It was made even better by all the Patriot haters thinking this game was over and it then ripped their hearts out

It featured Edelman's catch that rivaled if not exceeded the helmet catch


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Let me give 2003 a nod.

Every week was a nail biter. (Well, not week 17). Every week we came out on top. That defense was a thing of beauty to watch in action.


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Was some good hoodoo behind events with my wife and this team, so ill go with these as some of my tops. Met her a day after the KC massacre in 2014, turned that season around and we win it all. Proposed to her in 2016, won it all. Married her two 3 weeks before we won our SB against the Rams, and the day before the epic KC playoff game.. So, really hard to complain with these 3 seasons (14,16,18). 2003 was fun, even though I was 13.

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2016 was my favorite full season for reasons that OP said. However for just regular season I'd have to go with 2007 just because I've never seen the Patriots kick the living crap out of teams like that before and it was so cathartic to see after being dragged through the mud for spygate.


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This is tough, so many great years to pick from. Regular season? 2007, no doubt. They just crushed teams week after week. Full season? 2004 maybe. Moment? 2014 Superbowl ending for sure. Game? Probably 2016 Superbowl, 28-3 and the Goodell boofest.
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