Melvin Gordon busted for DUI last night

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I guess the thought of facing the Pats forced him to drink and drive! Now if he was at a bar is that a violation of the NFL's COVID protocols?

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Did not hear this. Then again I skipped the news this AM. Will he play??

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To be fair if you've been drinking what else are you going to do? Take an uber like the common rabble?

As long as he had stopped pounding them 10 minutes before he got in the car he was good to drive, you freakin liberals.
While I get the humor:
When it comes to NFL players. the rest of us will continue to be confounded by their failure to take advantage of team- and/or union-provided car services that will get them home without danger to themselves or, more importantly, to anyone else.

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Can't find the Sam Kinison joke but found this one instead. Kids it used to be different. Not saying it was good....

captain stone

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Whenever I'm driving drunk or baked or both, I make sure I'm also driving hella-careful...Words to live by Melvin...
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