Marcus Cannon Injury Watch

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Sep 27th

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Just left the game in a lot of pain holding his arm. Suffice to say would be a huge loss.


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Lets just throw a first for Trent Williams and make this go away

Ice_Ice_Brady Supporter Supporter
Believe sideline reporter said he was bleeding...not sure what to make of this? Broken clavicle?


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Worst case we amputate it and put a broom in there. There is no stoping this ****ing train

dreighver Supporter Supporter
I initially thought it was a stinger and this was further confirmed when I saw the replay; he got hit hard between his elbow and wrist.

But then hearing it’s a shoulder injury and that he was bleeding, that’s fairly concerning.

Did he get injured during the initial hit or when he fell?

Collarbone has to be high on the list if it was during the fall.

Ice_Ice_Brady Supporter Supporter
Googled all the most likely injuries like dislocated shoulder, separated shoulder, broken upper arm, dislocated elbow, broken collarbone. It looks like dislocated shoulder is the potenial season ender on that list, so let’s hope that isn’t what he has. Dislocated and separated shoulders are different, apparently.


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Can’t lose another lineman. Karras did a good job, but I’m not digging the floating snaps. He needs to work on that. It reminds me of Damien Woody early in his career who was terrible at snapping out of the gun.
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I wonder if NE really reported him as questionable to return or of if someone screwed up. Shoulder injury and bleeding doesn’t seem to equate to “questionable to return”.

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That was actually pretty sloppy sideline reporting. You can’t just toss out he was bleeding without giving any context. Hell, he could’ve had a bruise on his arm and a bloody nose from what she said.
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