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Sep 27th

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Do Lobstahs Deserve Mercy?

  • Yes they do. You have eaten one every time the Patriots win and that is a lot of them let em go.

    Votes: 2 4.4%
  • Nope. Go ahead and eat.

    Votes: 11 24.4%
  • Pass da buttah.

    Votes: 18 40.0%
  • Ray Lewis... Ah never mind...

    Votes: 14 31.1%

  • Total voters


PatsFans.com Supporter
PatsFans.com Supporter
I'm allergic to all types of shellfish, so go ahead and kill all you want.

In one of my folios, I have some pictures of farmers in Maine spreading wagon loads of lobsters on their fields and then plowing them under for fertilizer. Lobsters ( and other shellfish) used to be considered "po' folk's food" until Maine became "Vacationland" and the creatures suddenly became local delicacies for visiting rich folk.