List of Patriots Draft Picks For This Weekend

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Pick Results: ARZ: 53.7% at NE: 46.3%

Nov 29th

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Ian's Daily Blog - *ESPN just released a complete*list of the AFC East’s*Draft rundown, and for now here is the list of draft choices for the Patriots.* Pending any other*moves*this week of course.*The New England Patriots have 11 picks:23rd34th (from Kansas City Chiefs for Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel)47th (from San Diego Chargers at last year’s draft)58th89th97th (compensatory)124th170th (compensatory)199th207th [...]


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Ready for the day 1 letdown... you always figure it'll go pretty quick, then you watch teams plod through their choices until #23 (this year) comes around... then 3 minutes into it, badda bing badda boom, "The New England Patriots have traded the #23 to _______. Let's get the details of that trade..."

Of course it can always go the other way (as in last year), or pretty much any way imaginable... but it helps to be prepared.
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