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Last chance! Make your predictions now.

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Hall of Fame Poster
1) Username passes out 2 hours before Belichick trades back.

2) Belichick will make his first pick a player that not one person here has as his first pick.

3) NKeal Harry will still be on their roster tomorrow.

4) Everyone here will be thrilled with their pick, no one will complain about the pick.

Did Username last until the pick was made?


Hall of Fame Poster
Colton Strangepants with his skinny butt has elite movement skills. Just like Uche he will look great in shorts. Then we the pads come on and he plays big boys his movement will be in the opposite direction.

Hard to argue with Belichick on this. He would almost certainly have been gone a week from now, snd that’s not a long time.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
1. I'll stay up till 3am (Irish time) only to blow a gasket when BB trades out if the first despite a bunch of good players being on the board. Even though I fully expected it to happen.

2. We'll draft either Kyler Gordon or Quay Walker with our first pick (in the second round)

3. We'll double dip at a position where we seem pretty covered already and not pick anyone at a position where we lack depth

4. This place will be full of folk who don't follow college ball rehashing media hot takes to slam Bill

5. We will get a really nice UDFA class thanks to the pandemic

1. Yup (although not out of the first)

2. Nope

3. Yep

4. Yep

5. Maybe