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Jordan Thomas released

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Pro Bowl Player

That’s harsh. On the COVID list and then cut. Down to 2 on the roster at that position. If you can call it a position on this year’s team.

luuked Supporter Supporter
Hope we can get him into camp for next year. He'd be a nice depth TE option.

luuked Supporter Supporter
Yeah Keene and Asiasi are BUSTS .....what does this say about Thomas (who I also like Sammy....had never heard of). TE and WR for past several years definitely tarnish the BB legacy a bit

They are not busts. They didn't have any offseason program, then spent both a substantial amount of the year on IR and were learning the most difficult position on offense.

I don't understand this lack of patience fans have. Give them time to learn and grow into their roles. We are not in any win now mode.. there is zero stress to have them perform immediately.