Jerry Jones last night

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In the Starting Line-Up
Does anyone know the background of this? Where was he? It looked obscenely ostentatious. Was it on a yacht? Who was with him?


Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
Kliff. With his FIRE pit raging in the backyard...

I like BB. Get in your least used room, get to work. Don’t be like Douche Kingsbury and recline in your plush couch in the middle of Taj Mahal.

Jerry is the worst. But I expected it from him.


On the Game Day Roster
His presence on the yacht probably had a lot to do with the pick of a glitzy wide receiver over a lineman or any defensive position. Strike that he said to his hired staff, I want some flash.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
If I had the opportunity to to do my job from a multi-million dollar yacht and get away from all this corona crap, I would in a heartbeat!

I'm getting sick of looking at computer screens.......

I want to see people......