Is anyone else not seeing their 'Alerts' or notification bar?

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Sep 27th

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Mine is there.

I'll leave this here for a bit, then move it to the Help Desk forum where Ian can see it.


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Yeah, I can't either. However, if i change to Firefox instead of chrome, it does show up


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There on my phone but not laptop or PC. Chrome is the browser on all 3.


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Using Chrome and noticed it as well. Also, did a "Find" to see if it was hidden, but it's just not there.


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I'm missing too and also I can't find the search field.

They better fix this quickly, one more day without my likes I might develop a depression.


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My stuff is mixing and some pictures are out of place. But on my phone (which also uses Chrome) it's fine.


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On my PC with Firefox, no.

On my iPhone with Safari, yes.

I think it still works on the mobile layout but the standard layout is b0rked.

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Ian when this occurred it was merely an inconvenience. More of a curiosity about how a feature could be there one day and be gone the next for no apparent reason. It was a nice way to quickly know when someone had directly responded to you.

HOWEVER now there is a possibility that someone is sending me a link to the Inside the NFL show everyone is talking about by PM, and I don't see how I can get it unless you fix this, or tell me what I have to do to fix it. The stakes have been raised Ian. The stakes have definitely been raised.