Impressed by Cam

2020 Patriots Season:
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Next Up: at Seahawks
Pick Results: NE: 50.4% at SEA: 49.6%
Sep 20th

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In the Starting Line-Up
I'm curious to see what gameplan the patriots use against seattle next week. Its possible they come out with something totally different. But it seems like the last 3 years, this is how Bill wants to play. Run-run-run, use play action. and Play tough defense.

its what won us the superbowl in 2018. and was going to be our MO last year if injuries didnt decimate the OL and rape accusations derail our WR acquisition.

If we can win that game it will be a huge wakeup call to the rest of the league.


Pro Bowl Player
The good thing for me is that he seems to be taking everything much more seriously now and is playing like he has a chip on his shoulder.

I guess that's what happens when you're unemployed for three months- a wake up call for how fast you can fall from grace in the NFL.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
I get the impression that Cam is an alpha male who has bought into the Patriots' way. Call that humility, intelligence or looking for a new contract, but it feels like he will get better every week. With a lot of first year players including Cam, this team may just slowly build to a pinnacle come playoff time.