Ian - What happened to the feature that took you back to last post when clicking on a thread?

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Let’s not turn this into a pissing

Ian does an amazing job. Can you expound on that?
Critical posts are actually key in improving things - so @n6249c has brought up some key points. The bigger issue is that the two browsers that appear to have issues (FireFox and Safari) are the two that weren't on my radar. The site really had no real issues with FireFox until their most recent update, of which we went from a relatively fast loading speed to a crawl - as well as some other glitches that I'll have to work on during the offseason.

Safari is a problem because I don't own an iPhone and it's no longer available for Windows, so I can't do any testing on my notebook.

I'm aware of some caching issues and that will be the focus on the next version of the site. There will be an update probably closer to camp, so I'll see what I can do to hopefully tweak some of these things.
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