Hindsight being 20/20 are the Patriots the biggest LOSERS of the 2019 draft?

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Are the Patriots LOSERS of the 2019 draft?

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PatsFans.com Supporter
Once again. We suck at drafting. Our scouts stink. BB is a horrible evaluator.

We have a certain system that some players will not fit into no matter how well they played in another system (ex:Ochocinco). Also Brady, Edleman, Wilfork, Seymour, McCourty, Samuel, Vareen, White, Gronk, Light, C Jones, Hightower, Slater, Branch, Solder, Warren, Vareen, Collins, Watson, Vollmer, Mankins, Mayo etc only to mention a few turned out very good.

Some of you guys think that all the other teams hit on every draft pick but in reality they are in the same boat as us. It’s a crap shoot. 70% (fact) of your draft picks will not make the team or be a bust. But with the Patriots we have a specific system on all 3 sides of the ball which limit the specific type of player needed. Not all will work out. Some will. Some will be Stars.

BB plugs in certain types of players for certain positions and gets one or two more same type of player for depth. Plug and play. A certain type of player can be a star somewhere else but flat out stink here.

If you feel that other teams are better talent evaluators then go buy one of their jerseys. Betcha none of them won 6 SB’s, 9 SB appearances in a 20 years.

Another Fact.. It takes 6 years to truthfully Evaluate a draft pick. Some look great out of the blocks but stumble later. Some look slow out of the blocks but become solid players. Few are stars from start to finish

With all due respect some of you are spoiled little brats. This is the greatest dynasty for a sustained period of time. Enjoy it

Edit..I think you would have had a more meaningful poll if you eliminated this nonsense and went with “What is better Big Mac or Whopper”

Pats have been good at drafting from 2000 - 2015, with a few slumps in there. However the last 4-5 years have been pretty terrible (jury still out on 2019)

I’ve had my pom poms going nonstop for years but this year I finally accepted reality that the poor drafting is slowly catching up with them at a critical juncture for the franchise with so many key players hitting free agency and very limited cap space

it’s not being a spoiled brat to point out the drafting has been less than ideal the last several years. Suggesting people go be a fan of another team because they think that is quite ridiculous

Most of us see the end coming quickly, and as fans of the Patriots we would love to see them try to squeeze another ring out before Brady calls it quits. In order to do that they need to desperately draft some young talent

Michael Jordan was the best NBA player of all time. He had bad games tho, he missed shots and has made mistakes. He would be the first to tell you that and he worked to improve constantly to reduce those. The patriots have been the best run organization for 20 years, it’s not even close... but they’ve made some mistakes and could use improvement in some areas. Acknowledging those things don't make someone a spoiled brat or a bad fan
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