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High and Branch start TC on PUP

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The Patriots can activate either player whenever they want, so this isn’t all that big of a concern for their 2017 status.

jimnance Supporter Supporter
Not worried. Was expected. 2 of the most important guys on defense, let em heal.
Branch just doesn't get enough credit.

Most of us here know his value, but very telling that many Pat's defensive players say he was the best defensive player on the team last year. Period. Don't think that's the general public perception. He keeps a low profile,not a chestbeater.
One of the best pickups BB has ever made.


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I won't care unless they're on PUP to start the regular season.

Missing those two for the first 6 weeks would be tough to overcome.

Yep. This is where the Roberts, Harris, Shea and Van Noy depth comes into play.

On the line, Brown, Vinny V, Guy and either Woody or Kilgo can pitch in.

The depth on this team is pretty damn impressive

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I honestly think BB does this so he doesn't need to openly treat other players differently. He is known to indicate he wants players at camp and no excuses for not coming or being late. He hates to treat guys differently cause they are injury risk or old. I think he a lot of time puts guys on the PUP to get around it.

Hightower and Branch should not take 1 more hit than needed.

jimnance Supporter Supporter
Why is Hightower on PUP? When did he get injured?

Probably in SB. He's been dealing with it all offseason. It's not serious.

Patriots just signed him to a huge 4year extension- obviously BB doesn't do that if there's any serious injury concerns. The dude plays hard. He'll be fine.

Jackson 2 Supporter Supporter
And so it begins. The full-blown panic attack everytime everyone isn't designated as injury-free for the rest of their lives. God, it was so nice while it lasted... Chicken Littles, I've missed you. Welcome back!!!

farn Supporter Supporter
Both HT & Branch have given this team so many key plays in the last few years. I'm very happy they are still on the roster.
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