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Here is a way to get lucky.

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Heh, got your attention. Seriously:

Let's say you have the ability to cut multi-year deals during a depressed market, knowing -- not expecting, but knowing -- that the market WILL bounce back, in fact, MORE than bounce back.

Are the teams who maneuver to take advantage of this, and stretch themselves to do so, "lucky"?

Hell, 90% of our fan base don't understand that the 2020 revenue dip tightened up cap dollars, and if you were hitting FA in 2021, you were taking what the market would bear, which is way less than in 2020.

Let's say you want good production out of the tight end position. If you bring in two with decent shots at breaking out, are you lucky when one of them does?

Let's say you took two shots -- one a home run thus far, one a crap decision thus far. Was it a bad idea in toto, given that one of them is a tight end with 7 TD catches in the last 7 games?

Let's say you emphasize a (wait for it) system where if a QB can drop back, see the field, and pass accurately, he can succeed. Let's say the far more common fad pick is the "athletic" QB, the "new breed" of QB, the RPO QB. Which would the average fan scream and rant that you need (and scream that the league is passing you by if you don't get?) When your kind of QB falls to you--the one that people were not raving about on draft weekend--are you "lucky?" Aren't you maybe a little lucky, a little good a making it with a pocket passer while everybody else wants an "athlete"?
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