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This is from someone I know's facebook.
I'm a fire performer and artist and a company who makes our props have changed what they make currently.

Below is what they are looking for. I am not in the area but I know a lot of you are.

"We just had the first hospital network approve our shields as their preferred PPE shield. They have two hospitals, 3 urgent care facilities and a testing lab and need 5000 shields for people actively working directly with covid positive people or tests.

I need help like NOW.
1. We need to setup a better manufacturing spot. I need a place with a large open work area (a cafateria would be perfect). We need access to 3 or 4 ovens (regular baking ovens is fine). Again some sort of open floor restaurant or cafeteria would probably be perfect. 2000 sq ft is more than enough.
2. Logistics - I need someone to help coordinate people helping build stuff. We need them screened for minimal exposure risk. I need help knowing what our raw material inventory is, ordering more, and sourcing things (we can help with that too).
3. Financial support - these cost about $5 a shield. We are at a minimum going to be making 6000 now most likely with several other large hospitals I am waiting to hear back from. We have a go fund me setup which is getting huge support and I ONLY want the materials costs covered. I don't know how to setup the best funding vehicle for this (go-fund me starts doing weird tax stuff after 10k I hear).
4. Assembly people. It isn't hard to put these together, but you need basic tool skills. Most importantly, we need you to have been damn good about protecting yourself for the last 7 days. Including the people you are isolating with. This is critical.

If you are good, and I need really good right now, at any of this and can help PLEASE contact me asap. If you know someone, that knows someone with a cafateria or something that meets our needs, link them but also give them a call. We have to move VERY fast to make this happen."

Email to contact him [email protected]

The go fund me page for material costs Face Shields For Local Massachusetts Hospitals organized by Drea Xili Catalano

An article from the BH.
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