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HC Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn fired in Detroit

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Sep 12th

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That hasn't stopped other teams in the past. I could see the new regime moving on from both Flowers & Stafford. The cost in dead money is offset by the money off the cap that allows them to sign replacements that better match their vision. It costs money to revamp.

Get what you are saying, and can't rule it out. Just think it's more likely to happen with Stafford this offseason. Getting rid of Flowers would actually cost them 7 million more than it saves them, Stafford would save them 10. Getting rid of both of them this offseason means they lose the ability to spend roughly 1/3 of their salary cap next year. Again, can't rule it out, just think Flowers stays put for one more year


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Sad for Patricia, but I can see that things were out of control on the Lions.

I dont think he comes back, unless is as consultant, but who knows nowadays
I just can’t feel sorry for him. He sounds like a gargantuan ******* who had it coming. Hope we don’t touch him with a 20 foot pole.

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Posted this in the 'QB Poll' thread but it deserves mention here

Barstool had an interesting story yesterday....

Did Someone Find Matt Patricia's Burner Account? | Barstool Sports

One particular tweet stood out.

"Lions would be better off moving on. Stanford is uncoachable."

FYI............No Stanford on roster