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Gronk now has more yards than any Patriot receiver

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All this talk about Gronk's production seems to miss his salary. At $10 Million, Gronk ain't cheap as far as tight ends go. He's ranked 6th (5th if you add his bonuses): Tight End Contracts and Salaries | Over The Cap

Is he worth it for what he's done so far?

I don't think so especially since the Bucs spent a 4th and took on that salary when they could have traded a 4th and took on a similair salary for Trent Williams which IMO would be a much bigger help for Brady.


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His production is at either 4th or 5th at least receiver-wise. Blocking he may top 2 with Kittle who has been injured. So yes. Worth it.
For a team like Tampa Bay, he probably is worth it. They are in absolute win-now mode with a 43 year old quarterback.

It's a moot point about Gronk being with the Patriots though. There is no way the Pats could have kept him in 2020 due to the salary cap.

Fortunately the Pats win-now mode worked, winning two more Super Bowls and three AFCCGs. 2020 is the salary cap hangover to that success.