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As a physician, do you feel as though it’s reasonable to expect Folk to return in a few weeks? The surgery was not an open one, but it still seems like a bit of a stretch to me to think that he’ll be able to kick soon without issue. What is your estimation? There’s no way he’ll be able to kick this week, right?
I doubt it - but a week or two more might be reasonable

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I like they added some more beef for up front. Huggins is a large human being.

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And let's roll without a kicker rest of the way....and just go for it on 4th down on our side of the the field every time...could be the shot in the arse this offense needs.


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People who were happy to see Gost go on IR are this guy:



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Professional kickers miss kicks for the same reason professional golfers slice shots, professional basketball players miss free throws, and professional actors crack up during takes.

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I’m no scouting expert, but I’ve noticed the fact that there seem to be a few quality NFL ready kickers ready to be taken in the draft. I think spending another 4th round pick is something that they should consider.

The kid from Auburn and the kid from Georgia look ready to step in right now. What do you think @BaconGrundleCandy ?
I like Hot Rod, think Carlson has to wait another year.
Blankenship has a bunch of power, personality & was a former walk on. If you think you have a great prospect (K) I have np going 3rd/4th Rd.
Most NFL games are close, close until a turning point etc that are decided by < 7 points.
Punting too.

We've seen how much they effect the game. The Chargers lost out on the playoffs bc of poor ST's a few years ago & I believe Minnesota did as well around that same time span although I could be wrong & thinking of someone else. I'm sure there have been others too throughout history.

I won't lie. I never even thought of grading K/P until abt 4-5 years in after I started. It just dawned on me one day & felt kinda dumb but w/e

There could be a few goods though depending on who declares.
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