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ESPN hitpiece on Patriots (Rift with Brady/Belichick/Kraft) - Merged

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Sep 12th

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I refuse to get myself worked up until the article comes out.

Before then, it's all hype.


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Prepare yourself for some ********.

Unquestionably exaggerated, but they were going to be at a crossroads with Garropolo/Brady no matter what - and even if Jimmy winds up being THE next Brady, Brady has done enough for this organization to be able to run out his final years on HIS terms

That certainly flies in the face of Belichick making all "football" decisions but this transcends "football" and it seems plausible to me that Kraft may have asserted himself in backing Brady, who may have been insulted that despite playing at MVP level at age 40 was still having to fend off the young QB with "potential" in the wings

Long term was it the right decision? We shall see. But Kraft likely saw the fan reaction to benching Eli Manning and wanted to avoid such strife among the fan base and in the locker room

If you ask me that's an appropriate role for the owner, to look at the true "Big" picture beyond the Xs and Os of football.

My gut says Belichick might have wanted a few more years post Brady to show that he could win with another QB however - so yeah, he might retire sooner than later now - and I won't rule him out going to another team to show he can be a success with another team as well.

It's what Parcells always said - a good coach can take his and beat yours, but a truly great coach can take yours and beat his! Belichick may want to prove that.

Still the right call by Kraft - the GOAT gets to finish his career with the Patriots - period.


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I know everyone wants to totally dismiss this, and normally I'd be inclined to agree. But when Curran and Reiss, both of whom are among the most trustworthy and well-connected reporters to the team, haven't totally dismissed the rift around Guerrero or Kraft's influence in the Jimmy G trade, I wonder. Because it's Wickersham, I expect it to be like the article from earlier in the year--a lot of sentences written to sound more flammable than they really are, some distorted stuff and fuel for Pats haters, but perhaps some truth too (As was the case with Guerrero).
Likewise, in Bedard's piece about the Guerrero thing he did say everyone's keeping it professional and it won't cause problems during the season, but strongly intimated that there could be some non-trivial disputation once the season is over.


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whatever it is, i seriously Doubt Bill/Brady are going anywhere after this season.

1. They traded Jimmy G. So there is no way you are shipping brady out.

2. If bill was on his way out do you REALLY think Josh mcdaniels/patricia would be looking at teams like the bears/giants and interviewing with other teams? Or bill wouldn't tell anyone and we'd lose patricia/mcdaniels/bill?

Lets be honest. There may be trouble in paradise between Brady/Bill/Kraft....but the idea that this is their last year because of it is sensationalism at its best. and evidence points against it.


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So how many #1 draft picks are we asking for BB? :D


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They are just trying to build something of the fake news colin cowherd already spit.

**** that, we are on the ring business.


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Bedard is starting up his own subscription service.

If he had something, he'd go to print.

The reason why he didn't is because he doesn't have jack ****. Just rumors hes hearing from dickheads like Wicker"sham"

Source: ESPN readying new hit piece on Michael Jordan, Bill Murray and Bugs Bunny set to publish tomorrow morning at 8am. The topic will be a power struggle among the trio as to who deserves the most credit for defeating the MonStars and saving the Looney Toons.


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We'll find out if this is a hit piece or not, as soon as the seasons over, because if the trio is breaking up, we know Kraft & Brady aren't going anywhere. Honestly, I've been losing sleep over this exact scenario since the minute JG was traded because the only logical explanation for the trade was that Kraft forced BB to make it.

How big of a disaster would it be if BB leaves after Matty P & McDaniels depart? It'll be 1997 all over again...


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so unbelievably predictable. NFL rating dropped 9.7%. there's no real drama in the playoffs.

i wonder if this motivates the team even more?
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